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i spend more time in bed than anyone i know

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  1. Aleksija
    5 órája

    Omg where is your top from? I love it, my cats name is Elvis.

  2. Charlotte Young
    Charlotte Young
    9 órája

    I love the new content. I also love how ur cats smother you❤️

  3. carol bee
    carol bee
    13 órája

    i loved your fish glass

  4. Loren Nix
    Loren Nix

    Why do I enjoy her videos so much??

  5. Molly

    No I agree about what you said about a quiet life. A lot of people in my age group (early 20's) chase these huge dreams and all I crave is to be satisfied and calm. I think its an anxious artist thing. We just wanna settle down and paint or create. LOL

  6. anton
    Napja m& Pop in this evening...gotta need action...i know...we incouragable....we death, and f#-_) ing... pace yourself junior...its a long haul to 2030...😔

  7. Holly Chapman
    Holly Chapman

    I love Emma’s new video style so much! It’s so wholesome

  8. roxy

    11:10 top, left corner .. the cat? is it ok? just me?

  9. Soumik Bhattacharjee
    Soumik Bhattacharjee

    Why do I feel like Emma's doctor asked her record herself daily. And these are the tapes. Anyway very calm videos. 💛

  10. yeri love bot
    yeri love bot


  11. Kaylee Marilee
    Kaylee Marilee
    2 napja

    She’s getting her life together, remember when she would always cry and be in bed every day and her videos where really chaotic, and now they are so simple she’s finding her inner peace

  12. Audrey Napier
    Audrey Napier
    2 napja

    does anyone know what the boxers/shorts she is wearing by the pool are called

  13. Emmy Bell
    Emmy Bell
    2 napja

    anyone else mega vibing with the red face from her imagination??

  14. 𝔅𝔞𝔟𝔶 𝔊𝔦𝔯𝔩
    𝔅𝔞𝔟𝔶 𝔊𝔦𝔯𝔩
    2 napja

    Emma: I’m going to do something crazy tomorrow” Also Emma:I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow”

  15. Hannah Mooe
    Hannah Mooe
    2 napja

    i’m sorry but where did the four head kisses go….i’m kinda sad abt it ngl

  16. GreekGamer 2Y
    GreekGamer 2Y
    2 napja

    How does she have a house like that ?

  17. Mia Hastings
    Mia Hastings
    2 napja

    i love these 10 minute videos

  18. Madison Muell
    Madison Muell
    3 napja

    10:35 “how do I explain this” I feel that too hard 😂😂

  19. Nastia Paleev
    Nastia Paleev
    4 napja

    What the names of your cats?☺️

  20. cristina sumar
    cristina sumar
    4 napja

    I love this new style of editing it makes me want to see even more your videos and also love the vibes

  21. edits xo
    edits xo
    4 napja

    bush’s urban wha she di

  22. Féline Maarschalk
    Féline Maarschalk
    4 napja

    Does anyone else really have the urge to pet her cats whenever they appear in a video or is it just me

  23. Cait Marie
    Cait Marie
    5 napja

    Cats tend to do that’s as a coping mechanism. Most cats who do that got whined off their mom to fast.

  24. Zoe Perez
    Zoe Perez
    5 napja

    Your videos give me peace, thank you

  25. Fernanda Cortés
    Fernanda Cortés
    5 napja

    Definitionof crazy shit: go to the supermarket

  26. grace bee
    grace bee
    5 napja

    “a feral random cat.” has a collar 😭

  27. Rylee Norkett🤍⚡️
    Rylee Norkett🤍⚡️
    5 napja

    Emma IS AND WILL ALWAYS be the main character

  28. Alex Keenan
    Alex Keenan
    5 napja

    10000% also wish people would normalise doing fuck all & also it literally takes me MONTHS to read a book - can we also normalise slow reading?😂

  29. Beby Night
    Beby Night
    5 napja

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  30. Archana K
    Archana K
    5 napja

    Her videos give me 2012 kinda vibes but in a good and calming way.

  31. hemmaearris
    6 napja

    her cats make me want a cat

  32. Jacinda
    6 napja

    I love you Emma. I love with you are doing everything on your own. You’re strong

  33. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    6 napja

    she like grocery stores a lot.

  34. Stanboo
    6 napja

    I was feeling really off recently. I had panic attack and I cried for like a 30 minutes. Its 2am and I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t even fall asleep so I decided to get my mind off from my thoughts and watch something. First person that came up to my mind to watch was emma. And it helped me a lot. Your new content makes me chill and i feel a lot better now. Thanks emma for everything. I love and appreciate you so much

  35. Macrina West
    Macrina West
    6 napja

    We all know we’d buy all her paintings

  36. Siamese Mikko부산사는미코
    Siamese Mikko부산사는미코
    6 napja

    your cats love you sooooo much 😍

  37. Camila Heinrich
    Camila Heinrich
    6 napja

    ok now listen, i would SO buy emma's paintings

  38. M
    6 napja

    Emma vlogs like she’s the last person on earth

  39. Maggie Louise
    Maggie Louise
    6 napja

    not me crying at declan wanting cuddles

  40. ArtsByJos
    6 napja

    That moment with your cats was the most wholesome thing ever❤️

  41. Carly Pomplun
    Carly Pomplun
    7 napja

    Glad to see Emma wearing holey armpit shirts....I have those. I need to get rid of them. I'm lazy. I think I was supposed to turn them into a project since they are band Ts, like cut the band graphic and stretch it out and pin it and frame it. Dang. I need motivation.

  42. Michelle Beaumont
    Michelle Beaumont
    7 napja

    I'd be lying if I said your relationship with your cats doesn't make me cry. It's so wholesome

  43. Grace Lumba
    Grace Lumba
    7 napja

    this is so comforting

  44. Olya Ashihmina
    Olya Ashihmina
    7 napja

    What’s the song in the end????

  45. Ana G
    Ana G
    7 napja

    Love this new style of vlogging!!!

  46. me iman
    me iman
    7 napja

    why are her videos so much more therapeutic music choice and everything.

  47. Marie-Lise
    7 napja

    omg at least ur cat doesn’t also lick/suck on the thing that they’re kneading on - my cat was weaned super early incidentally bc her mom left her so i think she does that for that reason, idk about you though maybe it’s just a comfort thing like how a child uses a pacifier???

  48. Kasia Wiszkony
    Kasia Wiszkony
    8 napja

    The thing that your cat is doing to you, my cat is doing to my dog. That would be werid af if she thinks that she is her mom

  49. Andrea Vasquez
    Andrea Vasquez
    8 napja

    I really like these new videos

  50. MaKayla Childress
    MaKayla Childress
    8 napja

    5:43 I feel like the people who comment on the “sadness” or “loneliness” of the new videos miss this exact point. Either that, or they cannot relate because they haven’t went through that transition or realization yet.

  51. Lindsay Taylor
    Lindsay Taylor
    8 napja

    I'm obsessed w the music choices

  52. MARYAM Flury
    MARYAM Flury
    8 napja

    Emma tends to speak and then just say the total opposite…

  53. Katelyn Hunter
    Katelyn Hunter
    8 napja

    imagine emma in melbourne lockdown

  54. Syd
    8 napja

    11:10-11:12 😂

  55. Disa Knutsson
    Disa Knutsson
    8 napja

    I love this editing, I Absolutely LOVE it

  56. Gara TR
    Gara TR
    8 napja

    the forehead kiss missing🥺

  57. daja d
    daja d
    9 napja

    “Im painting a fish in a wine glass, how fucking goofy is that” i cant with emma💀

  58. ali tucker
    ali tucker
    9 napja

    i love the new editing style, but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t miss out forehead kisses🥺

  59. Renee Laugh alot
    Renee Laugh alot
    9 napja

    how about note cards. people love to write notes

  60. LIAH⁷
    9 napja

    8:09 I think the cat was attracking the negative in your body..

  61. Starling Lothrop
    Starling Lothrop
    9 napja

    Pleeeease what book are you reading!!

  62. speaking the word of truth
    speaking the word of truth
    10 napja

    your videos themes are so sad but relaxing too idk its mixed feelings

  63. dylanyu
    10 napja

    do crazy things= nice vacation, nice dinner

  64. Correa, Camilla
    Correa, Camilla
    10 napja

    this good vlog.

  65. Jam Jam
    Jam Jam
    10 napja

    Ok but that cat was so beautiful oh my gosh

  66. Sussan Martínez
    Sussan Martínez
    10 napja


  67. brian keith
    brian keith
    10 napja

    i want a relaxed life like this

  68. stopwhispering26
    10 napja

    Something happened and I'm not entirely sure we'll ever know what that is. I mean, the things she's saying in this video in particular, are things you say to your therapist. Regardless, I hope she's getting the help she needs because these videos are kinda rough to watch, like it feels like a major depressive episode.

  69. Isabella King
    Isabella King
    11 napja

    Her new editing feels like she’s the only one left on earth

  70. Sushi Martinez
    Sushi Martinez
    11 napja

    That cat probably got lose you shoulda called the number on the collar

  71. Lauren Fleming
    Lauren Fleming
    11 napja

    these videos are so relaxing

  72. Rere Gresa
    Rere Gresa
    11 napja

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  73. Delilah Montgomery
    Delilah Montgomery
    11 napja

    Loving the camera angles. Loving the new editing. This is my safe space. Please keep this editing style. This will age like fine, fine wine

  74. SydSoFit
    11 napja

    You’re so fkn hilarious

  75. Lenka Mesárošová
    Lenka Mesárošová
    11 napja

    Love your new content but what happened to forehead kisses?

  76. alicia padilla
    alicia padilla
    11 napja

    The kitchen scene in the dark gives me slight paranormal activity vibes

  77. Elyana Pompa
    Elyana Pompa
    11 napja

    Yk I thought I was the only one who felt uncomfortable when my cats started “making biscuits” on me, lol

  78. Heavenly Reign
    Heavenly Reign
    12 napja

    So agree with the simplicity, life doesn’t have to be CONSTANTLY DOING SO MUCH! I enjoy a simple life, of course we all love to go out, but a lot of people are truly happy just being home by themselves and doing mental happiness activities. And being with their family. I love Emma’s channel so much, she makes you feel so normal with her expressing thoughts we all have !

  79. Ben Dover
    Ben Dover
    12 napja

    i like drawing from imagination. It takes you down a weird path and you zone into it.

  80. Madison Parker
    Madison Parker
    12 napja

    i am absolutely in love with this emma

  81. ᎶᗩLI lol
    ᎶᗩLI lol
    12 napja

    Just the fact that I live there too freaks me out sometimes when I see something familiar

  82. Carter Watson
    Carter Watson
    12 napja

    i like this vid cause i dont like always going out doing something crazy fun all the time plus i enjoy my life better when im not so busy and im at home on netflix or making music.

  83. lily
    12 napja

    the new editing style is amazing i love it

  84. Isabelle Gore
    Isabelle Gore
    12 napja

    I need to know right now where that tea pot is from

  85. Lorena Beas
    Lorena Beas
    12 napja

    your cats are just adorable

  86. Maekayla Ward
    Maekayla Ward
    12 napja

    imagine you're watching an emma chamberlain vlog and see your cat

  87. Alicia Bryanna
    Alicia Bryanna
    12 napja

    “Doing more” is a purposeful societal pressure as it serves capitalism. I’m trying to let go of that idea too. Simple is better.

  88. Myra
    12 napja

    emma's new contents are so relaxing and assuring like her videos made me feel like being embraced tightly and the fact that most of us are living the same life as her. thank you emma

  89. Kathleen Lane
    Kathleen Lane
    12 napja

    i love this content. it’s so relaxing and comforting

  90. kolbie rau
    kolbie rau
    12 napja

    u should have made the cup ike spilling out it would be so cool

  91. エセタesta
    12 napja

    honestly i say we should normalise days where we don't do much, like who to say that i'm not 'living life' because i spent my day like that?

  92. Anna Charles
    Anna Charles
    12 napja

    we didnt get a forehead kiss :(

    1. Anna Charles
      Anna Charles
      12 napja


  93. Emeli Tonoian
    Emeli Tonoian
    12 napja

    Emma is the most relatable person on youtube, I just love her content

  94. Marcus Anthony
    Marcus Anthony
    12 napja

    2:43 my dogs when I walk them

  95. Brandon Mercado
    Brandon Mercado
    13 napja

    Never in a million years would i think that thee Emma Chamberlains persona would evolve into this. Im loving it, I can tell she has matured so much, And her editing style has changed so much I kinda didn’t recognize her, I haven’t watched emma in a while and wow Im really loving this emma

  96. Mari Angeline
    Mari Angeline
    13 napja

    I love her

  97. theFrOgConstellation
    13 napja

    we stand this new growth of emma 🙏🙏

    13 napja

    dude you need to give yourself more credit for your artwork, even the things you don't like. that face was doooope. all the time I start something and then I am not a fan so I just keep going until I do like it. keep painting from your imagination and give yourself some love!!

  99. James D
    James D
    13 napja


  100. Eva Jayalal
    Eva Jayalal
    13 napja

    I just love Emma’s cats