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  1. Charlotte Young
    Charlotte Young
    10 órája

    Emma: NO MORE OF THIS *also still cutting* Emma: I need to fucking stop *keeps cutting*

  2. Bralee Shoemake
    Bralee Shoemake
    11 órája

    Jesus Loves you

  3. Cas Contents
    Cas Contents
    13 órája

    I love that! We have become a performance OBSESSED society and just trying, just having FUN is so important.

  4. Pangurban
    15 órája

    Hey girl, I like the cat painting

  5. Andria R
    Andria R

    she’s always been so genuine for years it doesn’t matter how her platform has grown she’s so relatable and authentic im here for it.

  6. Zoey Anderson
    Zoey Anderson

    Emma: No more of this, stop, no more Also Emma: *Continues cutting

  7. Isa Wimmers
    Isa Wimmers

    08.05 whats that black thing on your bed stand a microphone or?

  8. Stella Garnier
    Stella Garnier

    It definitely wasn’t a Tiger shark cause tiger sharks are soooo aggressive and attack humans all the rime

  9. junn im
    junn im
    2 napja

    i swear once you’re able to cut your hair by yourself, you can’t stop it, it’s an addictionnn

  10. billie lash
    billie lash
    2 napja

    Wait where did she get those pencil crayons i need thoseeeee

  11. Nikole Mojica
    Nikole Mojica
    2 napja

    I think you should go bald. Shave it all off. Confidence booster. I think you'll rock it.

  12. Jessica Triplett
    Jessica Triplett
    2 napja

    I need to take a page out of your book. I like your attitude toward doing things for enjoyment even if you’re not “good” at it. Also, that cat painting made me laugh. It elicited an emotion so it’s good as far as I’m concerned.

  13. Sinead Cambridge
    Sinead Cambridge
    2 napja

    When your the kid comparing yourself to Emma

  14. tz
    2 napja

    i like how she doesn’t alter the colour of the beach and the sea like so many other content creators do. makes me feel happy to sea her enjoying nature as it is

  15. nisham kp
    nisham kp
    2 napja

    Hi emmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai

  16. Holly Chapman
    Holly Chapman
    2 napja

    The only way to describe Emma is QUEEEN

  17. Trashy Fairy
    Trashy Fairy
    2 napja

    how do you open your eyes underwater????

  18. Laura Usai
    Laura Usai
    3 napja

    I feel so at ease watching her videos

  19. Nyiaa
    3 napja

    Emma Chamberlain and smantha Jo need to be friends 😩

  20. megan hattar
    megan hattar
    3 napja


  21. Antalya Zentz
    Antalya Zentz
    3 napja

    It almost seems like she just needs something to do and I know she does but I mean not just like a project to do but like a crazy amazing event besides the met, but like having some crazy thing happen every day

  22. Alex D.o.
    Alex D.o.
    3 napja

    Perfect example of people who have money but don't know what to do with their life.

  23. K Lu
    K Lu
    3 napja

    I just adore and relate so much to her being alone all the time. It’s so refreshing and maybe it’s more realistic. Maybe not everyone has billions of friends.

  24. Inês
    3 napja

    Hey! What’s the brand and model of your handycam?

  25. Ayesha Shahid
    Ayesha Shahid
    3 napja

    NASA should send this video to the aliens as a greeting from people of the earth.

  26. Kylah Sparks
    Kylah Sparks
    3 napja

    I really hope a jar of peanut butter come storming in to your horse I really want that for you 🤣

  27. Humanist
    4 napja

    When it is overcast, sharks are more likely to be around and to bite. Look it up.

  28. ANYST4R
    4 napja

    i was so anxious so i thought it would be good to distract myself and somehow i ended up on emmas’s channel. it’s the second vlog im watching and idk why im feeling so calm and peaceful. thank you emma, sending love from brazil 🙏🏻✨

  29. Sarida Olson
    Sarida Olson
    4 napja

    A nurse shark not a tiger shark those will eat you 🤣

  30. Casey Rhodes
    Casey Rhodes
    4 napja

    Bro she said “some sort of harmless shark” and then said it was a TIGER SHARK💀💀

  31. Marco Allendes Cid
    Marco Allendes Cid
    4 napja

    lol ily

  32. Anne Canright
    Anne Canright
    4 napja

    I don't know where to begin...EMMA wear your sunglasses even when it's cloudy the clouds do not protect your eyes!!!

  33. Hannah Shinn
    Hannah Shinn
    5 napja

    Bro I use that same shampoo and conditioner.. also I feel bad because clearly she’s insecure about her hair, and she’s an influencer so everyday she basically had to be showing it. And going to events and stuff.

  34. Princess of butter
    Princess of butter
    5 napja

    I love how she says stop but continues.😂

  35. Allison Tolo
    Allison Tolo
    5 napja

    “These strawberries are TERRIBLE😡” *holds up perfectly ripe strawberries*

  36. Rolanda Hugo
    Rolanda Hugo
    5 napja

    You made strawberries cool again

  37. Bianca Nicole
    Bianca Nicole
    6 napja

    Seriously such a breath of fresh air!! Beautiful and so funny ☺️😘✨✨✨

  38. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    6 napja

    more than amazing.

  39. speaking the word of truth
    speaking the word of truth
    6 napja

    its okay she falls she falls

  40. KillersMegaFan
    6 napja

    Girls never had Aldi strawberries lol

  41. ur mom
    ur mom
    6 napja

    “it’s terrible but i enjoyed myself” -emma chamberlain. this is like my whole life

  42. Paulina
    6 napja

    you are the hummus guy from Only Murders In The Builiding on hulu

  43. Paulina
    6 napja

    so much plastic, also wash your food before eating

  44. Marta De Maio
    Marta De Maio
    6 napja


  45. Geeta Pawar
    Geeta Pawar
    6 napja

    This is zen fr ❤️

  46. Yummy Sp0ng3
    Yummy Sp0ng3
    6 napja

    Hi Emma, almost no one is good at drawing a real-life object, animal, person... without reference from the get-go. I learned only a couple of years ago that the art of drawing actually starts with the art of looking. Taking lots and lots of time to study the object you are drawing, and only then start your drawing, constantly looking back at the reference. But I agree with you, that if you are doing it as a hobby, do whatever you like! A fun exercise is: draw something you are looking at without looking at your paper. Gives you very surprising, fun and sometimes beautiful results, and helps you let go of the pressure to make "something".

  47. Natalie Dube
    Natalie Dube
    6 napja

    I totally understand the adults not experiencing summer, it really hurts

  48. Rawdha Al marzouqi
    Rawdha Al marzouqi
    6 napja

    where is our forehead kisses

  49. nick burckart
    nick burckart
    7 napja

    no please the bangs would look so good just go for it

  50. Regan Turner
    Regan Turner
    7 napja

    these videos are so amazing. the audio, camera angles, and stream of consciousness that somehow comes full circle. I enjoy these so much more. good job, emma

  51. N
    7 napja

    If you think that water looks delicious I dare you to come to Antigua.

  52. N
    7 napja

    "If somebody f*cking came into my house, uninvited, and they looked like a jar of peanut butter, I would take a spoon to them and f*cking slrrrp" -Emma 2021

  53. N
    7 napja

    Emma you're drawing isn't bad. I bet if you use a reference picture it would look better. Even if you're not the best artist :)

    1. N
      7 napja

      Also good art is relative/subjective.

  54. Kiana Perreault
    Kiana Perreault
    7 napja

    I love you

  55. Hershey
    7 napja

    ive never been much of a fan of emmas videos, it just wasnt for me, but then this video got recommended to me and i was intrigued by the title and honestly i think im a fan of these videos now, im surrently bingeing everything

  56. Speed
    7 napja

    EMMA what brand are your coloured pencils???

  57. Nimita Kompally
    Nimita Kompally
    7 napja

    i lovee her old videos but i feel like she has no excitement anymore like shes vlogging for the sake of vlogging

  58. Serena Ellis
    Serena Ellis
    7 napja

    she says she's not an artist but she is. ... no she can't draw but her art is her styling her clothes. she has an eye for that. and her videos.

  59. moon
    8 napja

    where did she get her swimsuit from?

  60. The Apex
    The Apex
    8 napja

    These videos are art Emma

  61. christine jacobs
    christine jacobs
    8 napja

    her videos are my therapy

  62. Lauren Hughes
    Lauren Hughes
    8 napja

    I think the blue cat is actually really nice

  63. asmae
    8 napja

    I love this new type of vlogs it's just so peaceful and it also calms my anxiety. We love you Emma♡

  64. joo
    8 napja

    ‘it’s terrible but i enjoyed myself, so.’ THIS. as an artist burned out from doing commissioned artworks, this hits. i am thankful for getting a lot of commissions when the industry is very competitive, but at the same time it made me tired of art, at some point i even hated it, when it used to give me so much joy. i already forgot the pleasure that came with creating art because of the pressure to get better, to meet expectations, to attract clients. it’s ironic how she enjoys making art, as unskilled as she claims to be, when i don’t and i have been doing it for years. there’s also a massive pressure to be productive and capitalize everything nowadays, but please be reminded to leave space for your own happiness. listen to your body, take rests.

  65. Peaches Fancy Face
    Peaches Fancy Face
    8 napja

    what do you mean bye? I didn't get enough..

  66. sta6ys m0m
    sta6ys m0m
    8 napja

    i actually really like her drawings

  67. Vildan Tekçe
    Vildan Tekçe
    8 napja

    ask kadin

  68. Austin Koziol
    Austin Koziol
    9 napja

    Hey Emma, great video!

  69. Marcela Lozano
    Marcela Lozano
    9 napja

    i love that she never washes her strawberries cause neither do I 😂 and I get judged for it but whatever 😂 everyone will die of something 💞

  70. Ela Kossi
    Ela Kossi
    9 napja

    The elephant drawing actually looks so fucking good

  71. Jack
    9 napja

    I sound terrible when I sing but I still do it

  72. Lani Koppermann
    Lani Koppermann
    9 napja

    I'm glad we use the same tampons feel connected in a way

  73. Elchin Ezgi Özer
    Elchin Ezgi Özer
    10 napja

    emma you are really good at comforting people who are effected by the fake ones in social media

  74. Anne Parker
    Anne Parker
    10 napja

    The long ex-husband frustratingly surround because crocodile perioperaively deliver like a toothsome semicircle. subsequent, brave report

  75. Hannah Xx
    Hannah Xx
    10 napja

    "these strawberries look terrible" proceeds to show perfect strawberries hahaha

  76. pedro
    11 napja

    her elefant looks like lemongrab from adventure time, lol

  77. Rere Gresa
    Rere Gresa
    11 napja

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  78. Ally Kastner
    Ally Kastner
    11 napja


  79. Megan Chun
    Megan Chun
    11 napja

    how do those strawberries look terrible

  80. Annija Rupeika
    Annija Rupeika
    11 napja

    you have talent cutting your hair girl

  81. Ramie Egan
    Ramie Egan
    11 napja

    She has stolen all the music on these videos.

  82. kevin easton
    kevin easton
    11 napja

    Get a new hobby

  83. Zarah Groenewald
    Zarah Groenewald
    11 napja

    Isn’t it weird how her new videos give me the same vibe as pregnant 16 year old documentaries from 2002. Gotta love it tho

  84. Kallia Valti
    Kallia Valti
    11 napja

    "I don't need to be good at it to enjoy it." As a person that feels the need to be AT LEAST above average at ANYTHING new I try, that struck a chord really deep in there. I have given up on so many things I actually enjoyed just because I wasn't great at them from the start. I have a lot to reconsider. This phrase put a lot of things in a different perspective. Thank you for that.

  85. Ana Sofia
    Ana Sofia
    11 napja

    Why did the elephant kinda look like the lemon man from adventure time

  86. Meghan Mackay
    Meghan Mackay
    11 napja

    This woman is like the female version of Ferris Bueller to me. I love that. I love Ferris

  87. Eva Keifens
    Eva Keifens
    11 napja

    she looks like a tim burton character to me

  88. Ignacio Laiz
    Ignacio Laiz
    12 napja

    i can´t understand why doesn´t she wash the stawberries before she eats them.

  89. Kelsi lauren
    Kelsi lauren
    12 napja

    “Its okay she falls she falls😒”- random woman 2021

  90. edith
    12 napja

    Where’s ur hoodie from

  91. Liberty Erichsen
    Liberty Erichsen
    12 napja

    Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that she opened her eyes in the ocean she is so strong

  92. Jenelle Haye
    Jenelle Haye
    12 napja

    I watch Emma videos just to feel inspired 💖

  93. Celina Stapelfeldt
    Celina Stapelfeldt
    12 napja

    I love you so much, your vibe is just what I need in life! And I literally watch you since February 2020 and I have the feeling to adult and mature with you together, bc we are nearly the same age. Keep doing what you doing! Sorry for my English, I am from Europe

  94. junior stevens
    junior stevens
    12 napja

    Emma’s latest videos have taken a more artistic turn. I get some Casey Neistate structuring/editing. But it’s original.

  95. Greta Sinisi
    Greta Sinisi
    12 napja

    You can easily see how she confident is with herself! I love this ‘cause it makes you fell motivated❤️

  96. LePikachu
    12 napja

    Wow, really like the new haircut! Makes you look so mature :D

  97. LePikachu
    12 napja

    Please wash your strawberries before eating! PLEAAASEE!! There is dirt on them and probably chemicals..

  98. Savannah Alize
    Savannah Alize
    12 napja

    me sitting here thinking the elephant looked good just needed ears :)

  99. Coffee Girl
    Coffee Girl
    12 napja

    Idk why I feel the urge to hug you Emma lol but here: 🫂 I hope you have a great day :)

  100. Rosalyne
    12 napja

    "no more of this" cuts