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please tell me what book to read next. comment, dm me, do it. please. love u.


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  1. Kari Ridge
    Kari Ridge
    13 perccel

    pls don't don't outside when the uv index is that high omg 😭

  2. alora n
    alora n
    3 órája

    Water for Elephants is my FAVE book ever. Its historical fiction about the circus :)

  3. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    5 órája


  4. Manuela Campos Moreira
    Manuela Campos Moreira
    12 órája

    You should read “my year of rest and relaxation”

  5. niharika
    21 órája

    omg i realised she’s michael scott

  6. Gianna Cameron
    Gianna Cameron
    21 órája

    "Im a new advocate of reading". Welcome Emma, welcome to our side😌🤚

  7. Rachael Dague
    Rachael Dague

    I fucking love u

  8. Pinky Santibañez
    Pinky Santibañez
    3 napja

    ‘Luke back charmin come vackaaa…” what a mfcb

  9. Audrey Perkins
    Audrey Perkins
    4 napja

    emma: *plays drums* my neighbors are definitely like “can u stop” i get it. *continues to play*

  10. Annabella
    4 napja

    I love Emma’s new mom phase. She’s teaching older teenagers/young adults that’s it’s fun to cook, read, grocery shop, take walks, go outside etc.

  11. Doia Alkaaby
    Doia Alkaaby
    4 napja

    release a list of books you're reading!

  12. Isabella Blackwell
    Isabella Blackwell
    4 napja

    i'm a bit late but i HIGHLY recommend the book Tuesday's with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Changed my life xx

  13. winniesbookclub
    5 napja

    The sandcastle girls by Chris Bohjalian

  14. Maya K
    Maya K
    6 napja

    the perks of being a wallflower, shadow and bone, the alchemist, shatter me series, the kingdom of the wicked and anna and the French miss are my favorites

  15. Kella Brink
    Kella Brink
    7 napja

    WHAT IS WITH THIS VIDEO!?!?! IVE LAUGHED SO MUCH MORE THAN USUALLY TODAY WITH HER OMLL!!!! love you emma but i litterally started crying because the part where you just said 'help.' idk why but i cried so hard LOL 20:50

  16. Kella Brink
    Kella Brink
    7 napja

    okay but.. why do i want to read now? .-.

  17. 19 Niharikaa Misra 10B
    19 Niharikaa Misra 10B
    7 napja

    You have to read "The perks of being a wallflower" by Stephen chbosky.

  18. Emilielovesbooks
    7 napja

    You probably get compliments on your eyes while wearing orange eyeshadow because orange is the oppsite colour of blue and you have blue eyes so they stand out.

  19. Emilielovesbooks
    7 napja

    I always talk about the book I`m reading to my friends and family even tho they don`t understand a thing. They just listen.

  20. heumin
    9 napja

    oh my god emma i want your make up skills. also you asked for makeup tips which i dont have but kiko is a makeup store/brand im not sure if its in the us or not but they have a lipstick shade that matches your makeup style so well its “double touch #103” and a lipgloss/lip plumper in a shade of 03 and also the clear one i think these two items need to be in your make up routine because the change so much and also for mascara use essence lash princess the green one is the bestttt it make your lashes stand out and especially with your eyes it will look so good cause you’re so pretty and you have pretty eyes i can stay here till the next 20 years explaining how pretty you are! edit: i just started watching your videos and ngl the way you make your videos is so my style and im watching old videos thats why im here

  21. Claudia ._.
    Claudia ._.
    9 napja

    i just read "memoirs of a geisha" and i loved it. it's fictional but historical and really well written :)

  22. Mari Seney
    Mari Seney
    10 napja

    emma better open up a resturant

  23. Amy Ward
    Amy Ward
    10 napja

    read the selection series!!! it’s the best one i’ve read

  24. shiva pezeshk
    shiva pezeshk
    10 napja


  25. Chloe Mair
    Chloe Mair
    11 napja

    You should read the awaken series by Katie kacvinsky. Its about the future when everything is ran by technology and the main characters dad is the one who created that society but she meets a boy and begins seeing the real world and she joins them in the rebellion.

  26. Emily Brown
    Emily Brown
    12 napja

    Really good books are -it ends with us -they both die in the end -cruel prince -

  27. Rebekkamaria R.
    Rebekkamaria R.
    12 napja

    I highly recommend the Count of Monte-Cristo. :) And also, if you want to try fantasy go with the Lord of the Rings. :) If you get through the first few chapters, you'll love the whole thing. I found you through a book recommendation video where a booktuber read your book recommendations. I'm kinda glad I stayed. :)

  28. Ella Nolan
    Ella Nolan
    12 napja

    i love how she gets millions of views just by doing what she does in a day

  29. Yasmin Kerr
    Yasmin Kerr
    12 napja

    okay but imagine getting a depop order for 'emma chamberlain', I'd simply pass out

  30. Alice Lilly
    Alice Lilly
    13 napja

    they both die at the end is so good

  31. Akhila Anisetti
    Akhila Anisetti
    13 napja

    The Deception Point by Dan Brown

  32. icaro f
    icaro f
    14 napja

    My book recommendation is the game of thrones, this book helped me a lot with anxiety

  33. Amy Adams do Vestibular
    Amy Adams do Vestibular
    14 napja

    the water waist oh my god

  34. Ava Bolger
    Ava Bolger
    16 napja

    ‘I just remembered that it’s 8 in the morning. My neighbours are probably like ‘can you stop’. I get it, I get it I would be angry if I were them’. *continues playing*

  35. Kimberly Howard
    Kimberly Howard
    16 napja

    You have to read at the speed your mind thinks, no slower or your mind will wonder, I would say you are a speed reader LOL ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. charline
    17 napja

    lolita by vladimir nabokov

  37. Riddhi Uttamchandani
    Riddhi Uttamchandani
    17 napja

    I think you are gonna love Devil wears prada. Since it is about fashion and you like fashion.

  38. Jouza Alshammari
    Jouza Alshammari
    17 napja

    Emma read~ Everything is fucked~ it’s such a good book 📖

  39. Caroleen's Dimeens
    Caroleen's Dimeens
    18 napja

    i recommend Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. it’s a favorite of mine.

  40. Amanda Schofield
    Amanda Schofield
    18 napja

    Book recommendation, my new favourite author Machado De Assis, Epitaph of a Small Winner is a wonderful, short novel. A book of short stories, The Alienist. Happy reading 😍

    18 napja

    A peanut butter sauce covered lens! MAGIC WEAPON

  42. XxThe LilyFlowerxX
    XxThe LilyFlowerxX
    18 napja

    The family upstairs by Lisa Jewel is the BEST BOOK 1!!

  43. Radiantsunblade
    19 napja

    “The world according to Garp” John Irving “Worlds fair“ EL Doctorow

  44. Megan Lee
    Megan Lee
    19 napja

    You have to read "The Silent Patient" I read it one day, it was soo good!!

  45. Fifi Gaming
    Fifi Gaming
    20 napja

    One of my favorite books is "The Chemist" by Stephenie Meyer. I really liked that one

  46. yuhneels
    20 napja

    you have to read 'The Goldfinch' by Donna Tartt. best boom on earth istg. It's based around the history of a painting while you kinda follow the live of a depressed kiddo that lost his momma in a bombing... it is better than it sounds

  47. 40 Ziyu
    40 Ziyu
    20 napja

    what is the avocado strings are actually bugs lol

  48. Daniela Fernandez
    Daniela Fernandez
    21 napja

    The way of kings by brandon saanderson is amazing great to get lost in another world and forget everything:)

  49. G S
    G S
    21 napja

    Girl, talk more about reading! You made me wanna read and that happens rarely

  50. Shayla Mitchell
    Shayla Mitchell
    21 napja

    when she went from reading to drumming i actually jumped, i got scared.

  51. Anahita Raizada
    Anahita Raizada
    21 napja

    I fucking love Emma so much 😭❤️

  52. Caroline Schütze
    Caroline Schütze
    21 napja

    What lipstick is that? 😅

  53. Saesha Rana
    Saesha Rana
    22 napja

    reading is the loml

  54. John Lewis
    John Lewis
    22 napja

    Your my gff

  55. John Lewis
    John Lewis
    22 napja


  56. John Lewis
    John Lewis
    22 napja


  57. someTrashhh
    23 napja

    Do I read? Yes. Do I read wattpad story’s? Yes

  58. Maggie Clinton
    Maggie Clinton
    23 napja

    Read sapiens Emma!!!!! After listening to your spirituality podcast I think it will help make sense of our universe. Also watch one strange rock on Disney plus!! Many kisses xoxo

  59. Afifah
    24 napja

    Omg this is exactly what happened with me a few weeks ago Like I've never opened a book intentionally to read it because I felt its really boring thing but then a few weeks ago something just came over me and I started reading, and since then there's no turning back Reading is addictive(in a good way) and harmless I'm obsessed and now all I do is READ...JUST FUCKING READ!!!

  60. mam0ru
    24 napja

    The secret history by Donna tartt.

  61. caterina lombardi
    caterina lombardi
    24 napja

    i kinda miss this emma, the new videos are so cool but they dont feel like her anymore :(

    1. Learn With Anisha
      Learn With Anisha
      24 napja


  62. Fabienne
    24 napja

    Reading is fun until you “read they both die at the end”

  63. spicypisces07
    24 napja

    I recommend Eleanor&park, its literally SO good🤠😃

  64. Gretel Rojas
    Gretel Rojas
    24 napja


  65. Gretel Rojas
    Gretel Rojas
    24 napja


  66. Keeley Mccallum
    Keeley Mccallum
    26 napja

    I relate to you on a whole level. You've made me feel so much better. Thank you.

  67. Sidney slime Reviews
    Sidney slime Reviews
    26 napja

    Why could I low key smell Emma’s burp

  68. NOUR B
    NOUR B
    27 napja

    i love you sm!

  69. Claudia Jade
    Claudia Jade
    27 napja

    Lying in the lovely sun soaking up some rays "It's a grind" 🤣

  70. Claudia Jade
    Claudia Jade
    27 napja

    I love reading! 😁 Really struggle to find the time and motivation to do so much anymore, so I mostly read via audiobooks (which is so much better than nothing, still get the interesting ideas etc etc , and can do while commuting to work etc) . But love it 😊 going to try to make more time for 'real' reading as well, because I really did use to love it. Recent recommended reads would be Convenience store women.

  71. kaitlyn
    28 napja

    Kim Ji-young born 1982 is a great book

  72. Der dreckige Dan
    Der dreckige Dan
    28 napja

    From all emma videos and advices this is the only good one

  73. Verity H.Y.
    Verity H.Y.
    28 napja

    some book recs: norwegian wood, no longer human, never let me go

  74. Aaima Nara
    Aaima Nara
    29 napja

    Ok why are some parts of this video are so funny?😭

  75. Kira

    Tempe is made from fermented soybeans

  76. eva florentia
    eva florentia

    My fave books: les misèrables, a rogue of ones own, the hunchback of Notre dame, six of crows, a dictionary of lost words

  77. Maria Healy
    Maria Healy

    You should read atomic habits by James clear, great book and very interesting!

  78. Prerana Gurung
    Prerana Gurung

    My top recommendation atm would be "The Song of Achilles". No words needed for this one- just read it

  79. Alma biener
    Alma biener

    Harry Potter is a fantastic book series!!

  80. presli dunham
    presli dunham

    book recommendations: six of crows by leigh bardugo, the seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor jenkins reid, and crescent city by sarah j maas.

  81. Andrea Boado
    Andrea Boado

    Literally her preaching healthy habits is why i stan her 🥺

  82. Hamster Paws
    Hamster Paws

    there’s something about watching emma’s videos idk what it is it’s just the best time of my life

  83. Abigail Connelly
    Abigail Connelly

    you should read normal people by sally rooney

  84. Katelyn Gleason
    Katelyn Gleason

    i think you’d love reading jane austen

  85. BTS Y ARMY

    No entiendo ni un comino pero alguien abla Espanol and ME and Mexico ammm not English 😂😂😂

  86. Susanne

    this is so awesome, and I love it : )

  87. 🍃 𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑎 🍃
    🍃 𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑎 🍃

    Harry Potter 👀✨

  88. Christa Young
    Christa Young

    middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides is my recommendation!! Just from the books you seem to enjoy, I think you'd really enjoy it!

  89. violet tallent
    violet tallent

    Did this girl just say that reading is harmless? Sorry to break it to you but the amount of times you will sob a 3 am in NOT harmless

  90. reagan stomiany
    reagan stomiany

    I laughed so hard when she said I’m growing up

  91. Yuh

    No Bc same I literally had nothing to do the other day so I grabbed a book and finished it I’m not even a week under a week like half a week and I finished it right? And I also went to the library today and got another book. I’m starting to thin’ it will be a problem

  92. Laura Lima
    Laura Lima

    im taking my book rn

  93. Ashley Tabscott
    Ashley Tabscott

    Verity by Colleen Hoover

  94. Aisling

    Read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

  95. siosi


  96. finley gal
    finley gal

    My favorite book of all time: A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks I'm not a Christian but that book was scrumptious.

  97. ales

    what is the name of her book ?

  98. Abby Kronberg
    Abby Kronberg

    you should read "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time." it's about a boy with autism who finds his neighbor's dog murdered and he tries to figure it out. i had to read it for school and i actually enjoyed it. also, it has pictures :)

  99. nadia


  100. Joel Sandoval
    Joel Sandoval

    We are all completely beside ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler