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love you.

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  1. Sharky & George
    Sharky & George
    2 órája

    First 30 years of your life you will think how doctors have solutions to every problem. But after that you will realize how they didn't have a fcin clue what they were doing.. like ever.

  2. Nicole Bartlett
    Nicole Bartlett
    7 órája

    LOVE U

  3. Taylor Howard
    Taylor Howard
    9 órája

    When she opened her camera from the box, I thought it was butter

  4. Lilou Sigaudo
    Lilou Sigaudo
    10 órája

    Omg the music during the ocean moment so gooooooood I literally think it was made for her

  5. yela jacob
    yela jacob
    10 órája

    does anyone know what kind of camera she got?

  6. charmandrCHAR
    13 órája

    What camera is that? I want.

  7. Dangerous Erie
    Dangerous Erie
    15 órája

    HAHAHAHAH visible rash

  8. Dustin Lines
    Dustin Lines
    15 órája

    20 year old me "One thing I wanted to do is swim in the ocean at sunset" 35 year old me "The ocean at sunset are you kidding that shits going to be cold af, I'm going to get sand in my crack and that's when most preditorial sea creatures feed at shore break especially sharks" Me in 20 more years "Ehhhhh fu get off my lawn !!"

  9. Κωνσταντίνα Καραγιάννη
    Κωνσταντίνα Καραγιάννη
    20 órája

    7:40 omg i eat these tooooooo also love u 😽

  10. I like goats
    I like goats

    Love this

  11. froggie gals
    froggie gals

    her squeal when she opens the package is so cute

  12. Alexandria Scalise
    Alexandria Scalise

    i love how much creamer she has in her fridge😭 cause same

  13. Laci Lush
    Laci Lush

    this vlog was so cute.

  14. Caroline Papineau
    Caroline Papineau

    Hola xx Does anyone know the mark of the new Emma's camera ?

    1. Zac Coles
      Zac Coles

      Haha I finally found it but you gonna need "cash" lol... its the Contax T2 Gold 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera!

  15. Randi B.
    Randi B.

    To me Emma has very smoky 1920s features. Like coulda been the woman on The Great Gatsby book cover type features. Just big, languid, intense eyes, narrow, elongated features. Very red lips. Like she’s always smoldering lol. Love her face.

  16. Rama Zaid
    Rama Zaid

    No she stopped giving the forehead kiss

  17. Lina Mejri
    Lina Mejri

    I genuinely feel so bad for her cz she never gets the chance to enjoy watching her vids as much as we do

  18. Mihir Singh
    Mihir Singh

    5:45 is best

  19. Em Onade
    Em Onade

    Butter lettuce is my fav too even though it’s $4 a bag where I live.

  20. Anna Anna
    Anna Anna

    Why we dont get the forehead kiss anymore?? I miss it 🥺

  21. Saanvi Agarwal
    Saanvi Agarwal

    I just love the whole vibe of this vlog! It’s immaculate

  22. Walker Bragg
    Walker Bragg

    I found this drunk and high as hell at 6 in the morning, and it was the best shit ever idk why.

  23. Abhii_21
    2 napja

    Im watching emma first time hope to develop a good relationship with her vedio

  24. Grumpy
    2 napja

    The Rash is more than likely stress. So there is no medicine for it. You need to acknowledge what is really on your mind and then the rash will go away.

  25. grace grbach
    grace grbach
    2 napja

    emma thanks for helping me feel better today

  26. alyssa
    2 napja

    this new style feels like a mini indie movie

  27. channing r
    channing r
    2 napja

    the fact that she never remembers to lock her car doors terrifies me

  28. Brooklyn Hamilton
    Brooklyn Hamilton
    2 napja

    this is my new favorite thing. ever

  29. nassan
    2 napja

    We love artsy emma

  30. nisham kp
    nisham kp
    2 napja

    Hi emma beautiful music 🤟🤟

  31. Haley Bartel
    Haley Bartel
    2 napja

    i find these videos to be so much more relatable than the ones that made her famous in 2018... thx for keeping it real emma i appreciate u

  32. MermaidEmily
    2 napja

    Butter lettuce IS the best lettuce.

  33. томара попкина
    томара попкина
    2 napja

    Forehead kiss...

  34. Martina XD
    Martina XD
    2 napja


  35. Charmaine Embahe
    Charmaine Embahe
    2 napja


  36. bits yang
    bits yang
    2 napja

    the proteins emma get are from the bugs in her unwashed strawberries

    2 napja

    what an idiot dermatologist hahaha it could be fungus? :') thats not always visable

  38. Shade Music
    Shade Music
    2 napja

    What kind of camera is it? It's beautiful!

  39. Adia latifi
    Adia latifi
    2 napja

    *eats unwashed plum*. same emma same.

  40. JB Eckl
    JB Eckl
    2 napja

    Your choice of music is a huge part of the vibe.

  41. Danica Sundholm
    Danica Sundholm
    3 napja

    Emma you are literally the only influencer/HUpacr that doesn’t make me feel bad about my life. You make me I feel so content being alone and not super happy and covered in make up all the time. You don’t just show us your highlight reel you just show us your life and it’s so refreshing to see and I’m very grateful to you for that.

  42. Eliza Bach
    Eliza Bach
    3 napja

    I loved this video

  43. Ann Olave
    Ann Olave
    3 napja

    Hey I like 80's music 🎶 😂

  44. Grace Taylor
    Grace Taylor
    3 napja

    come to london

  45. izzy baldwin
    izzy baldwin
    3 napja


  46. Alanna Destin
    Alanna Destin
    3 napja

    hahaha well if ya don’t follow through 👀 I’ve been trying to find that exact camera

  47. A B
    A B
    3 napja

    POV: You’re scrolling through the comments looking for the one giving advice for the armpit thing

  48. Nadia Jade
    Nadia Jade
    3 napja

    I love the way you edited your videos I mean I loved your old videos to but editing style really shows how you have grown.

  49. Autumn Vaught
    Autumn Vaught
    3 napja

    i want the butter lettuce rant pls

  50. Joudy Al-Awwad
    Joudy Al-Awwad
    3 napja


  51. Kayla Denise
    Kayla Denise
    3 napja

    Put vaseline/ petroleum jelly on your armpit. Trust meeee!!!!! I kinda had the same thing and it felt like heaven after. And it wll eventually go away the more you put vaseline on it.

  52. Jayden Pazmino
    Jayden Pazmino
    3 napja

    don’t test me I’m boutta get that camera and you won’t be the last 😮‍💨

    1. Jayden Pazmino
      Jayden Pazmino
      3 napja

      update: That camera is stunning and now I’m rly wanting one that was too aesthetic for me to handle 🤡

  53. Charlene Sibug
    Charlene Sibug
    3 napja

    this is my new comfort vid ily miss emba

  54. Naya Jane
    Naya Jane
    3 napja

    Itching actually can be a symptom of built up dead skin cells which would also mean lack of moisture in the skin. So maybe try exfoliating your armpits as well as moisturising them! sounds weird but it could really work. Do consider a light weight moisturiser, medium-heavy weight wouldn’t be a good time under there 😂

  55. Sydney Powers
    Sydney Powers
    3 napja

    I would literally kill just to spent a day with her honestly

  56. kamilla eilyasova
    kamilla eilyasova
    3 napja

    10:09 what song?

    1. Chloe Parnell
      Chloe Parnell
      2 napja

      the snowbird strut by jesse gallagher

  57. Gabbs Martinez
    Gabbs Martinez
    3 napja

    J&F digital photo in LA - gives the best quality film scans *chefs kiss* good luck film babes ❤️

  58. unbothered kai
    unbothered kai
    3 napja

    *how are you so effortlessly funny?!*

  59. Wizzoh Musik
    Wizzoh Musik
    3 napja

    So fantastic

  60. Sienna Evans
    Sienna Evans
    4 napja

    what style is the Louis bag???

  61. AA
    4 napja

    If you have a rash that for whatever reason you can’t get a cream for, use nizoral as a body wash. It’s a dandruff shampoo and its active ingredient is ketoconazole which is usually prescribed for fungal infections I think. That’s what my dermatologist told me and it’s a good preventative measure too if you’re prone to that sort of thing

  62. dylan c
    dylan c
    4 napja

    her editing style has changed sm im honestly here for both

  63. bruce838
    4 napja

    What’s the song at 10:04 ?

  64. Mama Honey
    Mama Honey
    4 napja

    Why are people so mean? She's literally just living her life like everyone else

    1. Carl
      2 napja

      Nobody is being mean

  65. headintheclouds
    4 napja

    ''because they're not the cutest'' lol

  66. M. Adams
    M. Adams
    4 napja

    Emma I have had the same fucking armpit rash for a year too 😭 I also have no answers but this kind of representation is appreciated.

  67. Alix __
    Alix __
    4 napja

    do u guys know which camera she’s using :)🤗 ?

  68. Natalia j
    Natalia j
    4 napja

    I've been looking for a good camera everywhere , anyone know what its called ? love yaaa

  69. Lizi Karageziani
    Lizi Karageziani
    4 napja

    Emma we need forehead kiss !!!

  70. Andrea Vogel
    Andrea Vogel
    4 napja

    Just because it’s not visible, doesn’t meet its not causing suffering - (PhD psych). Go to another dermatologist

  71. samuel wanjiku
    samuel wanjiku
    4 napja

    I love her drumming

  72. youzaky
    4 napja

    3:02 me trying to explain my presentation in class

  73. Bush Nyamache
    Bush Nyamache
    4 napja

    Nice audition

  74. Pardis loen
    Pardis loen
    4 napja

    Whenever I feel really depressed and lonely, I come to Emma's channel. She makes me feel better, she makes me feel like I'm not alone...❤

    1. Olivia Dempsey
      Olivia Dempsey

      Ikr it's like we're her little vlog family lol

  75. hihi_alysa
    4 napja

    Emma makes me want to live my life to the fullest… love her

  76. daria d
    daria d
    5 napja

    how does ema literally make the dermatoligist aethetic

  77. Aquaculture Education
    Aquaculture Education
    5 napja

    I miss my forehead kisses :(

  78. Michelle Leonard
    Michelle Leonard
    5 napja

    emma i loved this video babe

  79. Eef
    5 napja

    I really like the change in earingssss ❤️❤️

  80. Jasmin Escareño
    Jasmin Escareño
    5 napja

    i love emma for trying new things that i'm afraid to and would never think to try otherwise if she didn't share it with us

  81. Issy Anderson
    Issy Anderson
    5 napja

    anyone know what type of camera queen got??

  82. Douglas Volinsky
    Douglas Volinsky
    5 napja

    But Coffee when in NYc

  83. Nicknatters
    5 napja

    I had a small keloid as well before and a little dot of tea tree oil every night made it go away:)

  84. HaleighTerrell
    5 napja

    Emma: "Why is Declan trying to eat my tripod?! Ohhh I didn’t feed him- it is 7Am.." Me: WHAT? MY DOG WOULD TRY TO EAT ME IF I DIDNT FEED HER AT 5:00-…

  85. Lilly Leather
    Lilly Leather
    5 napja

    You've had such a glow up recently, you should be proud ❤

  86. Lorraine Malone
    Lorraine Malone
    5 napja

    Anyone know the make and type of her film camera plz >3

  87. Pineapple ok
    Pineapple ok
    5 napja

    but but but… what about the kiss

  88. manar bourouba
    manar bourouba
    5 napja

    I fucking love you

  89. your delusion
    your delusion
    5 napja

    Emma makes me realize that I don't have to be super busy or productive everyday, people can actually live their lives and relax. we don't all have to be 'that girl'

  90. Humberto Marquina
    Humberto Marquina
    5 napja

    But can we talk about the background music? That was the most relaxing thing... And Emma of course.

  91. lyaa mkh.
    lyaa mkh.
    5 napja

    that films camera looks so good

  92. Julianna Diaz
    Julianna Diaz
    5 napja

    emma ur doing great love

  93. Felicity Hunt
    Felicity Hunt
    5 napja

    I have a huge keloid that covers half my ear now :/ can’t afford to get it removed. Keloids suck.

  94. Caitlin Jones
    Caitlin Jones
    5 napja

    How much do you feed your cats- 😭

  95. Courtz
    5 napja

    Emma kinda had the Splatoon theme going on drums for a bit

  96. xio
    5 napja

    i need to know where the cameras from its so cute

  97. Michelle Yeung
    Michelle Yeung
    6 napja

    What film camera did you purchase in the beginning? I’m trying to get into film as well

  98. Sam Dean
    Sam Dean
    6 napja


  99. McKenna Maulden
    McKenna Maulden
    6 napja

    editing style feels like the office documentary crew filming vibes

  100. Cyndy Pierson
    Cyndy Pierson
    6 napja

    11:00 reminds me SO much of Grace & Frankie