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  1. Elena482 5
    Elena482 5
    7 órája

    Who’s back again

  2. Zineb Sahnoun
    Zineb Sahnoun
    8 órája

    MOVE to New York

  3. Aisyah Syahirah
    Aisyah Syahirah
    13 órája


  4. mia
    14 órája

    About the lazy eye thing: it happens to me and some of my family. It made me always tired and gave me migraines. It really helps wearing glasses with a prism to even out the eyeline

  5. Viv Viki
    Viv Viki
    16 órája

    Brb, gotta get a bagel with cream cheese now!

  6. Swetangi Sinha
    Swetangi Sinha
    17 órája

    I feel like I’m walking through ny with her and having the best time

  7. Noel Elomari
    Noel Elomari

    Move to nyc

  8. Complex Math
    Complex Math

    She literally is the only influencer that will make me want to watch the whole video.

  9. girlhasitall

    I just downloaded the app. Thanks for sharing. lol Loved your video. You are awesome.

  10. Kittiphat S.
    Kittiphat S.
    2 napja

    she is literally an icon

  11. Reagan Sockwell
    Reagan Sockwell
    2 napja

    God the intro was amazing

  12. Cryptid
    2 napja

    so like i only started to watch emma's vids when she appeared in met and ive only watched her newest vids (the ones in lowercase) bc as i scrolled down i was like wait what if i watch these first then compare it to the ones that are all in all caps and wow the vibe is truly different not that i hate it but it feels like watching a different arc

  13. Sophie Hedenvind
    Sophie Hedenvind
    2 napja

    Does someone know where she got her jacket from? I NEEEED

  14. Laiba Mujtaba
    Laiba Mujtaba
    2 napja

    I 💘 U for being realistic and for being so like me.

  15. Hean Leaksmy
    Hean Leaksmy
    2 napja

    u being so savage omg I literally inlove with your attitude plssss ilyyyyy

  16. Erica Lynn Bailey
    Erica Lynn Bailey
    2 napja

    I absolutely love your “The North Face” coat!!!! So freakin cute 🥰 🙌🏾

  17. Nicole Nelson
    Nicole Nelson
    3 napja

    I am SEVERELY lactose intolerant so I take Lactaid pills before eating dairy and it works so well! I have to take like 5 of them at once but it works!! Not sure if you've ever tried them or not, if not you should! Then you could eat all the bagels and not have to worry!!

  18. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    3 napja

    Thank you.

  19. Jasmine Ansari
    Jasmine Ansari
    3 napja

    It was so cool😍

  20. DreamCatcher
    4 napja

  21. Mark Chan
    Mark Chan
    4 napja

    Love watching your travels Emma, please do more

  22. Md Adnan
    Md Adnan
    4 napja

  23. bat loel
    bat loel
    4 napja

    looks so fun broo

  24. daoshi laoba
    daoshi laoba
    4 napja

    the cover photo is so cute

  25. Taylor Anderson
    Taylor Anderson
    5 napja

    i have a huge crush on you hahah

  26. Pinky Santibañez
    Pinky Santibañez
    6 napja

    Because CASEY, and Dan

  27. r y
    r y
    6 napja

    Let me explain why Emma has great awesome energy, I also have a lazy eye and I would dramatize it and cry but look at Emma's attitude, she radiated happiness all over my body

  28. Olivia Wilson
    Olivia Wilson
    6 napja

    Not sure if you'll read this but I want you to know that you started this video off by saying you have no artistic talent and then later in the video you took multiple photos of your bagel lmao. You are drawn to compositions and your HUpac channel is one of them. Thanks for making content. :D

  29. Aisha Althani
    Aisha Althani
    6 napja

    I love ur makeup

  30. Andra Phong
    Andra Phong
    6 napja

    The mundane respect essentially reject because care opportunely sip amidst a enchanting pet. ritzy, placid workshop

  31. Shabz A
    Shabz A
    6 napja

    Coming here searching for who she is after the METGALA

  32. Anne Canright
    Anne Canright
    7 napja

    I spent YEARS sleeping on a heating pad and then one day I didn't...

  33. Anne Canright
    Anne Canright
    7 napja

    YOU SHOULD GET "DAIRY AID"! It was a game changer for me. Comes in a bottle you stash in your purse and before you eat dairy you take 3 tablets- you don't even need water.

  34. Francesca Massa
    Francesca Massa
    7 napja

    comfort video

  35. Ricardo DM
    Ricardo DM
    7 napja

    Jesus thanks to the met Gala. I love EMMA!!! She makes wanna want to start living. Dude!!!!

  36. aash :)
    aash :)
    7 napja

    now i wanna fly to new york just to eat that bagel

  37. GoingWithTheFlo
    7 napja

    You are my best friend without knowing you are my bestfriend

  38. Hailey Madison
    Hailey Madison
    8 napja

    When you talk about your bagel like you talk to a dog

    8 napja

    that´s literally my comfort video

  40. Jayda R
    Jayda R
    9 napja

    Emma you should come to Boston

  41. Oluwashina Omisanya
    Oluwashina Omisanya
    9 napja

    I remember traveling from Texas to go see family in New York. The week before I went thrifting and found all these cute little winter clothes. Yeah it took me 1 hour before I went to the nearest thrift shop and brought layers on layers of clothes coats on top of coats on top of coats.

  42. Kate Sanchirico
    Kate Sanchirico
    9 napja

    move to ny!

  43. Allfly24 com
    Allfly24 com
    9 napja

    Nice video Emma!

  44. Nadine Anderson
    Nadine Anderson
    9 napja

    all good things r bad ideas!

  45. Yanah Kapri
    Yanah Kapri
    9 napja

    I’m late but move to nyc I’m from nyc and i know it’s for you! You glow different in ny

  46. samud qureshi
    samud qureshi
    10 napja

    The scared direction allegedly punish because person unexplainably return without a clever september. acoustic, decisive criminal

  47. Denisse Aray
    Denisse Aray
    11 napja

    This was so relaxing to watch, I've noticed Emma has grown up and seeing this side of her, (more mature in my opinion) it's really cool, i feel really proud of her❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hanaa🌸
      9 napja

      So true 💜

  48. John Ta
    John Ta
    11 napja

    So you got on an airplane to travel across the country to do the same thing you do at home, which is drink coffee.

  49. anya b
    anya b
    13 napja

    move to new york

  50. Aesthetic Princess
    Aesthetic Princess
    14 napja

    DONT MOVE TO NEW YORK THERES RATS!! LOL move if you want Emma.❤️❤️

  51. Emily Chmelewski
    Emily Chmelewski
    14 napja

    You belong in the city but I mean smaller cities in other states are more less stressful to be in

  52. Crybaby
    15 napja

    What was that app called?

  53. Shayla Hastings
    Shayla Hastings
    15 napja

    Girl you are literally a ✨social media influencer✨ like that is your job your income, ocf you want the pictures and entertainment you provide for people to be the very best they could. The fact that you are self aware and actively try to limit your social media use shows you’re doing amazing keep it up💜

  54. Eléa Lampsonn
    Eléa Lampsonn
    15 napja

    the black outfit looks so good

  55. Eléa Lampsonn
    Eléa Lampsonn
    15 napja

    the hat is everything. the scarf is everything. the puffle jacket is amazing. emma has amazing vibes

  56. foe
    16 napja

    this perfectly encapsulates the sheer *chaos* of living in nyc

  57. Spike
    16 napja

    That’s part of the fun, that’s the part of the FUUUUN

  58. Erinnn
    16 napja

    this is my comfort video

  59. nancy page
    nancy page
    16 napja

    i’d love to be besties with emma we’d go on fun trips and get coffee and go thrift shopping

  60. nancy page
    nancy page
    16 napja

    i love how she interacts with the camera like she’s actually talking to us and taking us around all these great places like we’ve been friends for years i love that!

  61. Silke Løvstad Sørensen
    Silke Løvstad Sørensen
    17 napja

    What hotel is she staying at?

  62. vvv
    17 napja

    you're the most authentic influencer of this generation, thank you for being you

  63. Dj#5538
    17 napja


  64. ather
    17 napja

    I love you so much

  65. Quinn Lee
    Quinn Lee
    17 napja

    Emma should come to Korea. Entire on our houses are basically heating pad and it is the best feeling to lay down on the floor with blankets on during the winter.

  66. Soteria Raymond
    Soteria Raymond
    18 napja

    3:15 out of all the youtubers he met one of the most successful ones

  67. Paige Turner
    Paige Turner
    18 napja

    Why are these vids so entertaining?! Also I miss NY, I've lived in L.A. since '15 (omg 6 yrs already?!?🙀) and I miss seasons!!!!😭 Me: "Could I have a little bit of Fall, please??" L.A. "Fall? Nah, we don't know her. We know Summer and Super summer tho..."💅 And don't even get me started on winter... I haven't had (real) " Christmas" in 6 yrs!!😭 Ok thanks for letting me get that out of my system, guess I needed to vent, the "seasonal changes" (i.e. lack thereof) out here do that to me...😆🤷‍♀️

    1. Paige Turner
      Paige Turner
      18 napja

      Oh, my gosh... When I saw the bottle of lemon juice...!!😆 I always have one, too, because, besides my morning beverage (coffee, tea, golden mylk) & pressed juice when I wake up, all I drink is lemon water, so I always have lemon juice with me, too!! "Great minds...!!"😆

    2. Paige Turner
      Paige Turner
      18 napja

      But you also reminded me of the nice parts of non-seasonal living when you were talking about layering & the time it takes to go out in the cold- and how its easy, being out here, to just take for granted you can walk out in whatever you're wearing inside and prob be fine... I needed that reminder rn, so thanks!!💜

  68. Bryan lim
    Bryan lim
    18 napja

    she took more picture than me and my family did lol

  69. Leonna Lee
    Leonna Lee
    19 napja

    I see why ppl love her

  70. Sydney B
    Sydney B
    19 napja

    I have to know where she got that scarf

  71. Salim Hachim
    Salim Hachim
    19 napja


  72. el
    19 napja

    ok so when u take pictures instead of putting the 3 sec timer on, do a video then u can pose and go back to the video and screenshot the best bits

  73. Marbae
    19 napja

    Shut up 😑 I Love You

  74. Aman Da
    Aman Da
    20 napja

    Omg I do the same with air nd heating pad lmfaooo

  75. Sofia I Martinez
    Sofia I Martinez
    20 napja

    Emma Is so mean to herself in this video

  76. hayley monique
    hayley monique
    20 napja

    The guiltless process preferably present because partridge gully chop in a afraid drake. bored, nasty lynx

  77. L Mainello
    L Mainello
    20 napja

    Emma I know you won't see this, but girl quit taking Advil/any other ibuprofen products and your stomach will feel much better! That shit will rip your stomach to shreds! If you HAVE to take it then never ever take it without something to coat your stomach like yogurt. Hopefully someone in your life will tell you this. Also, I'm loving your new content. Youve helped me to not feel so bad about being alone so often. I'm realizing that maybe that's just a normal part of being in my 30s so thanks so much (even tho I know you'll never see my thank you, thank you anyway.)

  78. good boyshit
    good boyshit
    20 napja

    ILY. Thanks for making my days better♡

  79. Jasmine Cota
    Jasmine Cota
    20 napja

    i have tourettes and i swear her videos calm me down🥺

  80. Bud Wiser
    Bud Wiser
    21 napja

    Well "Kenneth Chin" aka #ActionKid 🏃‍♂️ It's time to hang up your dirty sneakers 👟 👟 Emma Chamberlain is taking your place in #NewYorkCity 🗽 And by the way #AK 🏃‍♂️ Unlike you, 'Emma Chamberlain' will not run away when she sees tiny puppies 🐶

  81. Arellis Pena
    Arellis Pena
    21 napja

    only one who thinks in the thumbnail she looks like Lexi hensler?

  82. Carrie Beaupre
    Carrie Beaupre
    22 napja

    I feel like you will live in NY at some point!

  83. Rich Doesn’t Vlog
    Rich Doesn’t Vlog
    22 napja

    Binge watching all of emma's videos this year part 30

  84. Abby Alexander
    Abby Alexander
    22 napja

    It’s too freaking cold for you in New York.

  85. tsfleurs
    22 napja

    it’s good to see her happy here

  86. Willow
    22 napja

    I. love. Emma. thankyou for distracting me that school starts in a week. bye!

  87. Taylor Wade
    Taylor Wade
    22 napja

    you are very unique and entertaining..... *subcribes* :-)

  88. 22 napja

    omg douse anyone know where she got her sunglasses from I love them

  89. Sailoritze
    23 napja

    the way Americans make tea scare me

  90. raquelle
    23 napja

    omg i usually blast my AC and then use like 2 blankets lol

  91. amyvanzi98
    23 napja

    Just living for Emma’s forehead kisses.

  92. MinYoongi’sSexyArmVeins
    23 napja

    Letting everyone know that God loves you and it’s not too late to turn to Him, He has His arms wide open for you so let Him embrace you

  93. Keyla Chemes
    Keyla Chemes
    23 napja

    El mejor video de emma porr????😀

  94. Nao Hijada
    Nao Hijada
    24 napja

    Well me too, girlll!! I like my atmosphere as cold fck, but I also like myself warm... Like, I want my body warm. The feeling is immaculate, Imma tell you that.

  95. Gibran Silva
    Gibran Silva
    24 napja

    Also pls move to New York even fore a whilw

  96. Gibran Silva
    Gibran Silva
    24 napja

    I haven’t watched Emma for awhile but immediately she seems so much happier. I’m proud ☺️❤️

    1. Gibran Silva
      Gibran Silva
      24 napja

      Just move ur fam out there w u😭😭😭

    2. Gibran Silva
      Gibran Silva
      24 napja

      Ok but comment #3. Once she changed into her ootd with the leather and white bag. Omg she places so ducking well nyc

  97. Mare Potter
    Mare Potter
    24 napja

    taxes in NY are high, but theyre also high in LA. It's kinda cold here (correction: I hate how goddamn cold it is here) but you get used to it ( ehhhhh not really). People don't really give a damn what you do in NY, leave me alone and I'll leave you alone is the mentality. do what you want ur young and have so many opportunities. also hit up Victoria Paris if you do move here because you two seem like you have the same vibe. ANOTHER THING - upstate NY in fall is bomb af

  98. Rylan Schaub
    Rylan Schaub
    24 napja

    That guy is went to HUpac, found her, and was like "Shit, thats her. Damn"

  99. Lorraya Sky
    Lorraya Sky
    25 napja

    Lol, I loved the intro! Super funny!

  100. cataluñia solar
    cataluñia solar
    25 napja

    your friends are going to be to far and you are going to loos contact with them true fact.