just another vlog LOL

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i dont know what to title my videos anymore ... they really are just vlogs. thats all i can say


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  1. Aliah Duiker
    Aliah Duiker
    2 napja

    I normally cannot stand vlogs they are so boring except one small portion of the video. But I have enjoyed Emma’s vlogs for years now.

  2. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    2 napja

    great video.

  3. Alice Simas Magalhães
    Alice Simas Magalhães
    2 napja

    emmaaa how can u be so productive 😫 i cant

  4. paige henderson
    paige henderson
    3 napja

    where are your glasses from when yu read your book?

  5. Ayla marika
    Ayla marika
    4 napja

    I've only just found your channel, and I LOVE it! I've binged watched most of your vlogs already 🤣🤣 You do you BOO! Love you 💓💓

  6. Douglas Volinsky
    Douglas Volinsky
    4 napja

    of course when we see or hear Emma, our ❤'s get warm

  7. Jossy Perez
    Jossy Perez
    4 napja

    Emma quits coffee for a week

  8. Emma Covello
    Emma Covello
    6 napja

    her vids always make me feel comfy :)

  9. Carlota Palmares
    Carlota Palmares
    6 napja

    how the fuck are emma´s videos murdering my anxiety? thanks miss girl keep doing what you´re doing you literally pulled me out of a highly depressive episode

  10. Ruby Rodriguez
    Ruby Rodriguez
    6 napja

    she makes me feel so safe

  11. Mieke Basson
    Mieke Basson
    6 napja

    The view and nature around the house is amazing

  12. Mieke Basson
    Mieke Basson
    6 napja

    I love your the rental omwww

  13. Anne Canright
    Anne Canright
    7 napja

    Does someone come in and dust your house?

  14. Anthonin Coco
    Anthonin Coco
    11 napja

    9:09 fav moment 💗💗💗love you so much 😽

  15. Maryam E Papaleonida
    Maryam E Papaleonida
    12 napja

    FR Emma you're my best friend

  16. juanita burto
    juanita burto
    13 napja

    Emma chamberlain vs TANA MONGEAU

  17. a prick
    a prick
    13 napja

    i am going to school in ten minutes, but emma is better

  18. Kelli Brenn
    Kelli Brenn
    15 napja

    “aNd a CoOtEr” when I tell y’all I cackled💀

  19. Somi Jahau
    Somi Jahau
    16 napja

    That forehead kiss was so wholesome

  20. H
    16 napja

    Your videos make my life easier some how ily💕💕💕❤️💕

  21. Imane
    17 napja

    No Emma, you don't want to have your wedding where the show was, that place sucks trust me, i live not too far from it haha xx

  22. Aubrey Dulu
    Aubrey Dulu
    17 napja

    Tell me, why I am not getting bored watching&listening to you.. 🥴🌹

  23. printy
    17 napja


  24. Nabeeya
    18 napja

    Emma you should wrestle tana mongeau LMAO

  25. Aria Haan
    Aria Haan
    19 napja

    imagine emma honking her horn at you

  26. yo bitches
    yo bitches
    19 napja

    question do yall have any tips for starting to read bc i rly want to get into reading but i find it SO BORING especially since i have aphantaisia so yeah pls help

  27. notcatee
    21 napja

    words can't even describe how much I love Emma

  28. marissa cruz
    marissa cruz
    21 napja

    The early hammer substantively analyse because linda analytically communicate besides a spectacular anteater. unusual, organic celery

  29. ya like jas
    ya like jas
    22 napja

    box cody

  30. Emma Ash
    Emma Ash
    23 napja

    Why don’t u talk bout ur bffff u guys r so cute

  31. Mona alkandari
    Mona alkandari
    23 napja

    Emma u just got 1 new follower

  32. victoria salazar
    victoria salazar
    24 napja

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  33. illumi
    24 napja

    This is not league of legends

  34. Hannah Arnett
    Hannah Arnett
    25 napja

    75 is cold where i’m from😭 you would see everyone wearing coats

  35. ilikecats
    25 napja

    omg this is the same jacket as the 5am video but in another color.... FROM WHERE

  36. idk
    25 napja

    I have a new obsession now. It's her🥳

  37. Lil S.
    Lil S.
    25 napja

    You could also report the person filming you secretly bc that shits illegal

  38. Nokdu 99
    Nokdu 99
    26 napja

    I was extremely sad and having a mental breakdown . The only thing I knew that will make me happy was her and it did . THE LAST PART LITERALLY MADE ME TEAR UP .. Thanks Emma .. I really really appreciate you ❤️

    1. Nokdu 99
      Nokdu 99
      24 napja

      @idk I am doing a little better now .. Thanks 🥺

    2. idk
      25 napja

      hey I hope you are doing better now, you are not alone. drink some water bestie

  39. Lucas Westwood
    Lucas Westwood
    26 napja

    I much dislike that she looks at herself at the camera instead of looking into the camera. She is not talking to us she is talking to herself. But I do like her.

  40. Tula Borges
    Tula Borges
    26 napja

    those forehead kisses tho 😌

  41. yasmin corona
    yasmin corona
    27 napja

    11:55 emma falando açaí kkkkk mita

  42. Nadiah Malfoy
    Nadiah Malfoy
    27 napja

    Hi Emma, im back to watch you after my asmr vlog phase

  43. Hannelore Pusenjak
    Hannelore Pusenjak
    28 napja

    Where is her blue gym tank top from!!!!

  44. Annie S
    Annie S
    28 napja

    The breville milk frother was the best purchase I've made in my adult life.

  45. Meredith Nolte
    Meredith Nolte
    29 napja

    Emma is my comfort space

  46. Aliai Official
    Aliai Official
    29 napja

    What brand are her glasses? So beautiful 💘 love you Emma 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 lately I watch ur videos everyday! Luv them

  47. Tracey Engelbrecht
    Tracey Engelbrecht
    29 napja

    does anyone know where emma got that sweatshirt shes wear in the beginning in the video

  48. Hiba Gohar
    Hiba Gohar

    not me bumping my forehead against my laptop 3 times in a crowded Starbucks for my forehead kiss.

  49. Morinola Balogun
    Morinola Balogun

    Love your hair emma

  50. Arleigh Gee
    Arleigh Gee

    watching emma’s videos motivates me to be productive so much

  51. Paola

    i love u so much Emma :")

  52. Nat Hencinski
    Nat Hencinski

    It’s so fun to see Emma grow throughout the years! I love seeing her every week💜

  53. charlotte lalaloo
    charlotte lalaloo

    "im.. kind of dreading going into the gyn right now, at this hour. Im not fully awake yet? so im wondering how this will go. i feel like i need this too like- i feel like i need to finish this. *drinks whole drink* YESSSSS *work out montage*"

  54. Ayulia Ruiz
    Ayulia Ruiz

    Wait … where is the grey zip up from? 😩

  55. tori rocas
    tori rocas

    boxing match with olivia rourye

  56. Bts Army
    Bts Army


  57. avery childs
    avery childs

    i literally love this women

  58. Giuditta Di Miceli
    Giuditta Di Miceli

    why is emma always alone? i feel like she never hangs out with anyone

  59. Shade Leeds
    Shade Leeds

    You can box me :~)

  60. jayde ford
    jayde ford

    you look so great in this video I swearrrrrrr

  61. Nadja Carver
    Nadja Carver

    but see, if you're listening to a Ted Talk or a Podcast you can't listen to music. That annoys me every time.

  62. Yasmeen Aliyu Usman
    Yasmeen Aliyu Usman

    please please please do a car tour

  63. Joel Sandoval
    Joel Sandoval

    Love how you opted for a pink lemonade over another iced coffee hehe

  64. Aida Harrop
    Aida Harrop

    plot twist: the people she sees at the gym all the time are the workers on their break working out 😭

  65. coffee2007

    youtube.com/c/chamberlaincoffe Chamberlain Coffee Recipe !!! ☕🌱☕🌱☕🌱

  66. Zach Werner
    Zach Werner

    What kind of car does she drive? I’ve been curious hahaha

  67. Vilte Baltrusaityte
    Vilte Baltrusaityte

    I wish I had a pool and she does and it seems like she never goes swimming…

  68. Olivia Rawlings
    Olivia Rawlings

    “Overcoming Rejection” is such a good TEDTalk

  69. It's Leni <3
    It's Leni <3

    Can someone do a ''fuckin'' counter? that'd be cute, thanks. :D

  70. Kendall Greenewalt
    Kendall Greenewalt

    she must be tweaked from the caffeine ALL THE TIME LOL

  71. kaibella

    I wanna see you box amberlynn Reid

  72. SJ Flow
    SJ Flow

    7:54 "Indian" men - You sure bout that? 😏

  73. Breana Paris
    Breana Paris

    “I wanna wrestle ‘blank’, and the next thing you know you have to start training” 🤣😅

  74. Nick

    Now that I rewatched this again I can say that I can see her wrestling one of the merrell twins

  75. I am milan
    I am milan

    You should mud-wrestle Trisha Paytas.


    She is the most relatable youtuber ever

  77. Z.E

    she looks so much like timothe chalamet it’s insane

    1. idk
      25 napja

      well now I cannot unsee it I mean- umm-

  78. Vaile&Marissa

    no same thing happens to me where i always see the same people at the gym

  79. halle lake
    halle lake

    WAIT I’m rewatching all emma’s vids but the gas station is called extra mile and the sign said “EM” for extra mile. Universe was fs there for u

  80. hamid rachik
    hamid rachik

    the dislikes are 911

  81. Alex Alvarez
    Alex Alvarez

    i need that robe...pls drop the link literally my life will not be complete until that is on my body

  82. yasmina kanoun
    yasmina kanoun


  83. Shérisma Snyman
    Shérisma Snyman

    OK lemme just say, I stopped watching your videos because you made me depressed, but I recently started watching them again and you're a whole new person. Absolutely love this emma!

  84. Lexie Erschen
    Lexie Erschen

    i remember when emma was at her moms house and blonde and reacting to jake pauls forest video. time flies

  85. G.C

    so she only ate a salad?!

  86. senzekile

    Remember Emma and Phillzz coffee 😭I think she forgot how obsessed she was

  87. Molly Armstrong
    Molly Armstrong

    where is emma's jacket from?

  88. Jack Fitzgerald
    Jack Fitzgerald

    im so confused...is she engaged?

  89. Lily Wolk
    Lily Wolk

    Can we have house tour please

  90. Mallory Beauregard
    Mallory Beauregard

    someone please tell me where the jacket she is wearing is fun

  91. hoho

    Doing a marathon with emma’s vlogs 😌

  92. Layla Grimsey
    Layla Grimsey

    *i dont think i like running enough to run a marathon" emma literally just released a video running a marathon

  93. desiree

    you have the prettiest natural face

  94. Hollie Corbett
    Hollie Corbett

    Please someone tell me where Emma’s grey zip up jacket thing is from!😍

  95. Isabella Hampel
    Isabella Hampel

    Emma's videos make me wanna get healthy

  96. Serenityara

    I can’t believe I wasted 3 yrs of my life not watching this

  97. Ann Riley
    Ann Riley

    I need to know where her yellow towels are from I love them

  98. bariaa kamel
    bariaa kamel

    Am I weird if i put my phone on my forhead ?

  99. jgfvjk jhjj
    jgfvjk jhjj

    its sad seeing how much plastic was used in this video

    1. Monica Kristen
      Monica Kristen

      people must judge everything

    2. Monica Kristen
      Monica Kristen

      it is hard not to use any plastic these days

  100. Kayli G
    Kayli G

    You should box or wrestle Haley Pham. I feel like it would turn into a hugfest though 😂