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  1. Sivapriya
    4 órája

    i dont like this new format. it is boring.

  2. m mcc
    m mcc
    5 órája

    maybe its all the coffee hurting your stomach.

  3. Sidney C.
    Sidney C.
    8 órája

    "If I close my eyes it feels like Miami" "I've never been to Miami" Poetic

  4. Iulia Tanu
    Iulia Tanu
    13 órája

    Wash the car bowls!

  5. Who_tf_is_hajar
    13 órája

    If i close my eyes it feels like Miami ...... I've never been to Miami i'm dead

  6. 𝙎𝙮𝙡𝙫𝙞𝙚'𝙨 𝙗𝙡𝙖𝙙𝙚
    𝙎𝙮𝙡𝙫𝙞𝙚'𝙨 𝙗𝙡𝙖𝙙𝙚
    21 órája

    Just from that little snippet in the intro Emma's really good at the drums

  7. Andria R
    Andria R

    “i’ve never been to miami”😂

  8. Fiorella Bellmunt
    Fiorella Bellmunt

    Is it just me or is this new video style giving Napoleon Dynamite vibes?

  9. Claudia Salgado
    Claudia Salgado

    Tmi on your vowel movements….and your burps…

  10. Manal Als
    Manal Als

    i like when her cat trying to eat the flower ahh i love cats); also i like how she eat alone and go out alone i always wanted to have the courage to do that but afraid of pity people's looks.

  11. aileen


  12. Mahda Firoozei
    Mahda Firoozei

    Anyone else wondering maybe the unwashed fruit eating may be contributing to her stomach ache?

  13. Matt Mcraney
    Matt Mcraney

    So wish I could meet someone like her more down to earth 🌎 than the ones I find

  14. Janina
    2 napja

    These videos feel like poems

  15. Jordan Brasher
    Jordan Brasher
    2 napja

    Check the bottom of the container before you buy your fruit so you can check for mold

  16. Tia_99
    2 napja

    emma just be like " if i close my eyes it feels like miami, i've never been to miami" lllooollll

  17. Giulia Fernandes
    Giulia Fernandes
    2 napja

    your videos are so good,it calms me down

  18. coco haha
    coco haha
    2 napja


  19. Ellie Macciocchi
    Ellie Macciocchi
    2 napja

    missing the forehead kisses 😢

  20. Bobmcsquidy
    2 napja

    The fact the her parents don’t care if she’s swears I wish my parents let me swear like there just words

  21. Kieran Reid
    Kieran Reid
    3 napja

    omg we dont get forehead kisses anymore :(

  22. Shruti Desai
    Shruti Desai
    3 napja

    omg emma you need to wash those strawberries before eating gurl

  23. Sarah McClure
    Sarah McClure
    3 napja

    Hey Emma! If you put strawberries in a glass jar or mason jar and cover them in the fridge, they will last significantly longer!

  24. Isra
    3 napja

    Your face kind of reminds me of Hailey Bieber. I don't know what it is.

  25. Niff Lofair
    Niff Lofair
    4 napja

    You're supposed to wash the cats dishes after each meal! How would you feel if someone gave you your meals on dirty plates with old food on them.

  26. debn n
    debn n
    4 napja

    yes i got it...just me and the produce 🤔

  27. Karina Brandon
    Karina Brandon
    4 napja

    You know you're drinking some good coffee when you gotta poop after a few sips.. 😆

  28. maryum bibi
    maryum bibi
    4 napja

    It feels like Miami but I never been to Miami 🤣

  29. ANYST4R
    4 napja

    emma pls wash the strawberry before you eat it 😭

  30. Reene Constantine
    Reene Constantine
    4 napja

    I wonder if she’d be happier if she went to school or got a job? Meet some non HUpacr people, made normal friends. She has way too much time available

  31. Reene Constantine
    Reene Constantine
    4 napja

    Emma looks like a sad old widow grandma, then she speaks and it’s always something ignorant or whiny 😂😂

  32. Gummy Min Suga
    Gummy Min Suga
    5 napja

    anybody else get "The end of the f*cking world" vibes??

  33. autumn leone
    autumn leone
    5 napja

    The new videos bring me so much joy and peace when i'm watching them. xoxo

  34. moon grms
    moon grms
    5 napja

    your vlogs make me want to have productive days

  35. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    5 napja

    Thank you.

  36. Elinor Reed
    Elinor Reed
    5 napja

    where are those green glasses from , i love

  37. LauraDzon_
    5 napja

    Tes vlogs sont magiques,ils remontent direct le sourire (and yes i speak French) xoxo

  38. Emilielovesbooks
    5 napja

    I really really love you and your cats. They make my day so much better

  39. kayla jarzab
    kayla jarzab
    5 napja

    Also I caught that yawn

  40. kayla jarzab
    kayla jarzab
    5 napja

    Emma wash your fruit

  41. Sami
    5 napja

    i’m loving the new editing style

  42. Ashtnn Conner
    Ashtnn Conner
    6 napja

    I miss Emma’s forehead kisses

  43. aliza
    6 napja


  44. sara Wodarski
    sara Wodarski
    6 napja

    Ur videos make me feel so calm omg

  45. Enchilada Curry
    Enchilada Curry
    6 napja

    she’s such a mood

  46. Wuzzup
    6 napja

    Her new editing it’s so relaxing ❤️❤️❤️

  47. Kaylee martinez
    Kaylee martinez
    6 napja

    Nobody has ever felt the same way I have with grocery shopping and you just explained it perfectly

  48. Nicole Ford
    Nicole Ford
    6 napja

    do you have a microphone next to your bed?

  49. crystal nguyen
    crystal nguyen
    7 napja

    she stopped the forhead kisses

  50. Beth Sands
    Beth Sands
    7 napja

    I thought I was the only one OBSESSED with strawberries recently

  51. Hilary Daniels
    Hilary Daniels
    7 napja

    Literal Casey neistat vibes.

  52. jailja iz narvi
    jailja iz narvi
    7 napja

    yes, we love apple pay ad, emma

  53. Madeline Makoul
    Madeline Makoul
    7 napja

    love the way your recent videos have been edited!

  54. Dhalia M
    Dhalia M
    7 napja

    10 minutes of emma isnt enough

  55. Still Learning
    Still Learning
    7 napja

    I think if she would find someone, life would be better. Not that its not already, but she feels somewhat lacking. Like she needs another presence.

  56. Jocelyn Alvarado
    Jocelyn Alvarado
    7 napja

    You don’t need LA, I think you would thrive in the Pacific Northwest and this is coming from an OC girl. Oregon and Washington changed my life. I now look forward to start every new day.

  57. c a s s i d y ' s j o u r n a l
    c a s s i d y ' s j o u r n a l
    8 napja

    words cannot describe how beautiful this woman is im not even joking like oml

  58. Eden R
    Eden R
    8 napja

    “ if I close eyes it feels like Miami......... I've never been to Miami " - Emma Chamberlain 2021

  59. Anne Parker
    Anne Parker
    8 napja

    The handy tennis contradictorily advise because distance macroscopically excite across a null rugby. lush, abhorrent snow

  60. Syakirah
    8 napja

    emma feels like company we nvr thought we needed

  61. Nahomi Alfaro
    Nahomi Alfaro
    8 napja

    I feel like she’s with me in my depression? No sense at all but comforting

  62. Angelucyy
    8 napja

    I love how Emma isn’t the type to be a party animal specially through her fame she stayed the same

  63. Erika Reistad
    Erika Reistad
    9 napja

    My mom has the same camera

  64. Sagine Laurince
    Sagine Laurince
    9 napja

    I need this sweater🧎🏽‍♀️

  65. Tayzlee Fisher
    Tayzlee Fisher
    9 napja

    they did not just kill the flowers

  66. Alfwinnn
    9 napja

    "Feels like Miami.... I've never been to Miami." 😂😂

  67. K M
    K M
    9 napja

    please move to seattle ✨

  68. Hannah Strassner
    Hannah Strassner
    9 napja

    If you want foggy and rainy and “rainforesty” then move to North Carolina- trust m XD it’s a semi tropical rainforest

  69. Teele Piibemann
    Teele Piibemann
    9 napja


  70. Renata Barbosa
    Renata Barbosa
    9 napja

    I stated watching Emma... then I stated drinking coffee lol ☕

  71. ii_Hxiley13
    9 napja

    Miss the forhead kisses

  72. kodoua
    9 napja

    Are you drugs ? Cuz im addicted bae

  73. maddy 1234
    maddy 1234
    9 napja

    where is our forehead kisses :( love you

  74. Prerana Prasad
    Prerana Prasad
    9 napja


  75. Zaraerae Smith
    Zaraerae Smith
    9 napja

    LA seems like such a lonely city

  76. Adam Foster
    Adam Foster
    9 napja

    This video is the sole motivation for me cleaning my kitchen tn….

  77. Lauryn Rhea
    Lauryn Rhea
    10 napja

    your camera quality is just wonderful

  78. Itziar Collantes
    Itziar Collantes
    10 napja

    7:56 the object next to the jar of flowers is a microphone, right?... right?

    1. Jay Heece
      Jay Heece
      10 napja


  79. destiny clore
    destiny clore
    10 napja

    Watching these makes me feel like I could have a summer in Italy by myself

  80. Destini Marie
    Destini Marie
    10 napja

    who else is re watching all of her volgs

  81. Ellie Marston
    Ellie Marston
    10 napja

    my genuine comfort person

  82. Fae Winter
    Fae Winter
    10 napja

    I make ginger tea like it’s going out of style when I have gut problems.

  83. Wompwompwomp
    10 napja

    Does anyone know where her sunglasses @ 3:04 are from? Thank you!

  84. GEOF FOX
    10 napja

    I love Emma so much but she keeps saying ‘but I-‘ and then cuts off and IT GETS ME HOOKED but she doesn’t finish her sentence😩

  85. Jaybird Sings
    Jaybird Sings
    10 napja

    Where did you get your green sunglasses?

  86. John Ta
    John Ta
    10 napja

    isn't white strawberries just unripe strawberries?

  87. Isabella King
    Isabella King
    11 napja

    Her new editing feels like she’s the only one left on earth

    1. Sivapriya
      4 órája

      i dont like it. there is a loney sad vibe.

  88. Rere Gresa
    Rere Gresa
    11 napja

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  89. Camryn Horstman
    Camryn Horstman
    11 napja

    “If I close my eyes it feels like I’m in Miami. I’ve never been to Miami”😂😂

  90. Stephanie 415
    Stephanie 415
    11 napja

    I love these new vlogs. Plz make them longer!!

  91. wat2heck
    11 napja

    until further notice no more forehead kisses

  92. iluna_
    11 napja

    Yes we all loved this editing style but I missed the forehead kisses:'))

  93. Aziz Mouelhi
    Aziz Mouelhi
    11 napja

    Her videos

  94. Emma R.
    Emma R.
    11 napja

    the sweater 💳💥💳💥💳💥💳💥

  95. Aişe
    11 napja

    ✨Problems do exist when you're groccery shopping in Turkey because everything is so expensive✨

  96. LePikachu
    11 napja

    I like the melancholic vibes in your recent vlogs. It's a nice change compared to all these other hyperactive HUpacrs with their jumpcuts and fast talking! :D

  97. LePikachu
    11 napja

    I always have to watch the scenes twice where Emma's cats show up. They always distract me (in a good way) and I can't focus on what Emma is saying! xD

  98. koala katie
    koala katie
    11 napja

    literally every time i'm crying, i come here and i'm healed

  99. Heywhatsuphello 2
    Heywhatsuphello 2
    11 napja

    I gasped when I saw the flowers

  100. Sierra Trautman
    Sierra Trautman
    11 napja

    No but why am I just obsessed with watching her and she’s not even doing anything 😂