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i made the same hummus toast today and used the pickled carrots on top instead of using grated baby carrots (for the record, grating baby carrots is pretty much impossible) and it was delicious. just wanted to share. anyway, love you. -emma

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  2. Emily Yeap
    Emily Yeap
    3 órája

    I desperately NEED to know where those brown pants are from 😭

  3. Keely Page
    Keely Page
    4 órája

    What type of camera does she use for the old film clips?

  4. P R
    P R
    6 órája

    I NEED to know what camera she uses

  5. Kat Eisele
    Kat Eisele
    8 órája

    That ceiling angle

  6. Hayley Chan
    Hayley Chan
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  7. Κωνσταντίνα Καραγιάννη
    Κωνσταντίνα Καραγιάννη
    19 órája

    8:15 omg this is sharona fleming’s car from monk!!!😱

  8. WonderLust & Coffee
    WonderLust & Coffee

    Does anyone know what cam recorder emma uses? The hand held one?

  9. Em Onade
    Em Onade

    Catching up on the vids & I’m finding the new music rotation / selection is dark or it gives off that vibe. It feels like you’re not in a good place Emma. Not just because of the music. You convey it well with your editing. Just want to send love & wish you well regardless of whether it’s true or not. ❤️


    for the white shirt you can wear a black corset on top of it if you like corset. And you can make it of the shoulder and wearing a black mini skirt or a black leather pants or any other black pants. I think it will be cute hehe xx

  11. Tulio Quintanilla
    Tulio Quintanilla

    Emma CH... How ar You today. Miss pretty. My love.

  12. Matt Snyder
    Matt Snyder
    2 napja

    Emma still having the keyboard clock sound on her phone is just the pure chaotic energy that we all love her for

  13. Zane Douglas
    Zane Douglas
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  14. Lea Valaitis
    Lea Valaitis
    2 napja

    From the music to the camera angles I love these videos.

  15. Tahlia Trudgett
    Tahlia Trudgett
    2 napja

    Her videos calm my anxiety so much. I love starting my mornings with them.

  16. Fatimah Ahmad
    Fatimah Ahmad
    2 napja

    so cool

  17. Sakkvo White
    Sakkvo White
    2 napja

    I think I’m actually in love

  18. Weallstanroseofficial
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  19. Nina H
    Nina H
    2 napja

    Can someone show me her pinterest? 🥺

  20. laurenelizabethsmiles
    3 napja

    You're brave if I don't clean while I'm making something it most likely will stay that way for a couple days lol😂

  21. Masha Levchenko
    Masha Levchenko
    3 napja

    Where’s my forehead kiss-

  22. Neila Sabri
    Neila Sabri
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  23. nisham kp
    nisham kp
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  24. sinothando lande
    sinothando lande
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    im the 8000th comment .

  25. Nadia Jade
    Nadia Jade
    3 napja

    When I’m having a stressful day I just sit and watch your videos 🤍

  26. Paul Leepoy
    Paul Leepoy
    3 napja

    Where to buy Emma chamberlain coffee in Canada 🍩🍵

  27. Pako Wadikonyana
    Pako Wadikonyana
    4 napja

    Lmfaoo u know the drink bussing when u start reading the contents on the back

  28. lazyellie1
    4 napja

    0:59 catastrophic carrotstrophic 🥕

  29. Elizabeth parker
    Elizabeth parker
    4 napja

    the beginning was so cute with the cat I think we can all agree

  30. Nasa NASA
    Nasa NASA
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  31. Rachel Fletcher
    Rachel Fletcher
    4 napja

    no forehead kiss ??

  32. Adelaide H
    Adelaide H
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  33. Lynx
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    Alright girl, WHO is your daddy?!!? (And no, I don't mean it in _that_ way - I'm simply in awe of his frikkin' golden advice "every outfit needs a pop of red".) Says a lot. He must ace life.

  34. unbothered kai
    unbothered kai
    4 napja

    this video gave me what i felt the first time i watched Pixar’s Soul

  35. Conan's Maniac
    Conan's Maniac
    4 napja

    Emma inspires me sm..that I feel like I should take out a book and start studying

  36. Halle Alofs
    Halle Alofs
    5 napja

    the fucking angle when ur doing the haul I cannot

  37. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    5 napja

    nice video. i hope more.

  38. Micaela Martinez
    Micaela Martinez
    5 napja

    where is your shirt from?????

  39. haven louder
    haven louder
    5 napja

    bruh ur heels moment was literally maddie from liv and maddie when she got heels for the first time

  40. Freya Morgan
    Freya Morgan
    5 napja

    Anyone elses video go to an ad in the middle of her saying she doesnt give a f*ck so it went "i dont give a fuu-" ✨FARFETCH✨ *video comtinues w "f*ck."*

  41. J. B.
    J. B.
    5 napja

    Do you guys think she might be pregnant? She said "90° is a little too hot for mommy". She pointed at herself as she said this. Probably reading WAYYY too much into this, but still seems possible?! IDK. What do you guys think?

  42. Laura Veitmane
    Laura Veitmane
    5 napja

    I am watching Emmas video like a short movie🔥🔥🎥

  43. Egrin Targ
    Egrin Targ
    5 napja

    She gives me love... Cool... She's really everything... Everything I ever wanted her to be.

  44. alex ratkovich
    alex ratkovich
    5 napja

    How does she run around town and not get swarmed by fans!?

  45. Savannah Rose
    Savannah Rose
    5 napja

    Bestie I’m in love with those sunglasses👀 I actually physically need them!

  46. Daphne Sinicropi
    Daphne Sinicropi
    5 napja

    The music is definitely out of my childhood because it sounds exactly like the records my dad used to sell in his store when I was 3 to 10 years old. He even sold record players. 🎶

  47. Lauren Ruby
    Lauren Ruby
    6 napja

    emma: cuts hand open also emma: continues pickling her carrots&onions

  48. hifsa ahmed
    hifsa ahmed
    6 napja

    I cant believe Emma was born in 2001! What am I doing with my life. She seems very self aware and mature for her age

  49. Lauren K.
    Lauren K.
    6 napja

    It would be so fun to just hang out with Emma. Have a little fashion chat. Style outfits. Make a fun new food. Paint. Just hangout. That would be so fun 💕

  50. 1D’s cloud😮‍💨
    1D’s cloud😮‍💨
    6 napja

    It feels like Emma’s videos show a transition between immaturity and being a teenager to finally experiencing adulthood. Emma, we are here for you

  51. Farel Cassaro
    Farel Cassaro
    6 napja

    Okay emma in heels

  52. Farel Cassaro
    Farel Cassaro
    6 napja

    Watching this after she went to the met

  53. Farel Cassaro
    Farel Cassaro
    6 napja

    Me flipping my phone upside down so she won't feel her neck hurt

  54. sylvia
    6 napja

    i’m so proud of u

  55. nanki b
    nanki b
    7 napja

    Your videos are literally a god-sent! helping me get through uni right now

  56. Olivia Kamienski
    Olivia Kamienski
    7 napja

    I always buy Twinings jasmine green tea and drink it hot it's legit the best thing ever

  57. Chloe G
    Chloe G
    7 napja

    The angles omg I love them

  58. dcoog anml
    dcoog anml
    7 napja

    “everything needs a pop of red” me dying my hair red rn: ITS A SIGN

  59. Katie Pflum
    Katie Pflum
    7 napja

    i know we are all thinking this… bring back “me editing” clips.

  60. relebogilemmatloa
    7 napja

    hi emma

  61. Kerri Pease
    Kerri Pease
    7 napja

    I literally just spilled coffee all over myself in bed while watching her spill her toast.

  62. Elisha Lugo
    Elisha Lugo
    7 napja

    You reeled me in with that iced coffee video years ago. I have to say this: Your sun glasses are dusty. 😆

    1. Elisha Lugo
      Elisha Lugo
      7 napja

      You might have wiped them at one point or another in your video. I am saying random things.

  63. Kiaraishot
    8 napja

    i'm going back into my depressive state and i'm not sure what to do with myself, i'm up all night crying to a point i have a headache and can't breathe. i'll wake up and think there's nothing to look forward to, so i stay in bed all day and rot. my rooms a mess and i feel like nothing encourages me anymore. it's like over the years i dug myself a hole and have fallen into it, no one listens to me anymore and i'm always mad. i generally don't feel like me anymore and it hurts. it feels like the world has turned it's back on me and my "friends" make me feel like shit every time i try and talk to them. i feel so shitty and people just make me feel more shitty, -just a little vent from kiara

    1. dcoog anml
      dcoog anml
      7 napja

      I love this new video style. It reminds me so much of her very first videos and I feel so at home.

  64. Sabrina Quant
    Sabrina Quant
    8 napja

    Wearing a purse is trying too

  65. eggy ramen
    eggy ramen
    8 napja

    emma, you have such a wonderful eye for the scenery around you. so many shots in your new videos remind me of ghibli films that i love. thank you for this warm space you’ve created on youtube

  66. Stella.
    8 napja

    Ive been hooked on hummus for the past 2 months, its insane! There's one they make here with mushrooms....its sooo good.

  67. N
    8 napja

    Money can’t buy happiness is where she is at...

  68. paulina rv
    paulina rv
    8 napja

    the new editing makes me feel like the end of the world is coming??? but surprisingly in a good way?!?? idk

  69. Katies Youtube
    Katies Youtube
    8 napja

    my favourite person ever

  70. Katies Youtube
    Katies Youtube
    8 napja


  71. Pien
    8 napja

    i miss forehead kisses emma :(

  72. Nayeli Munoz
    Nayeli Munoz
    8 napja

    Your closet 😻😻😻😻

  73. Sasya Kasam
    Sasya Kasam
    8 napja

    emma needs to open her own grocery store, with only her favorite foods

  74. Pauliana Jamie
    Pauliana Jamie
    8 napja

    I swear, I'm in LOVE with this style of editing

  75. Lmao Oki
    Lmao Oki
    8 napja

    Does anyone know what Jean short brand she is wearing??

  76. lauren mccutcheon
    lauren mccutcheon
    8 napja

    I love this new video style. It reminds me so much of her very first videos and I feel so at home.

  77. yasio bolo
    yasio bolo
    9 napja


  78. Gabby Saams
    Gabby Saams
    9 napja

    The shoe story is me when I was 12 like when I wore heels and thought I was… the main character

  79. agatha campillay
    agatha campillay
    9 napja

    my favorite person

  80. Ericka H
    Ericka H
    9 napja

    This editing makes me feel like I'm watching a 2000s film

  81. Samantha Valadez
    Samantha Valadez
    9 napja

    No more Hi one word video name now 😭

    1. yasio bolo
      yasio bolo
      9 napja

      The Office. (Emma Chamberlain version)

  82. andre davis
    andre davis
    9 napja

    There was no blood in your toothpaste. Ok oral hygiene!!!

  83. laney
    9 napja

    the way that she wears her mask all the way up to her eyes is so funny

  84. honeyluv
    9 napja

    what camera does she use

  85. Grace Reneé
    Grace Reneé
    9 napja

    Emma definitely needs to make kimchi..

  86. Shhmeria Dawg
    Shhmeria Dawg
    9 napja

    U lool like ure depressed

  87. Vivian Sushi
    Vivian Sushi
    9 napja

    Whatever people may say about Emma I do think she is an artistic person with an eye for taste, and this new editing style really shows that off

  88. The OP
    The OP
    9 napja

    i feel soo relaxed watching these, calms me a lot, thx emma

  89. Hunger Games Nerd
    Hunger Games Nerd
    9 napja

    Emma- “But now I do not give a fu-“ *meditation ad* Me- “ what perfect timing”

  90. Sofia Stankovska
    Sofia Stankovska
    9 napja

    Hi good video u very pretty do I wanna hang out with me iam from Slovakia and iam old like you

    9 napja

    We are just people that live in Emma’s world👍😋

  92. Adriana Torres
    Adriana Torres
    9 napja

    why is no one talking about the angle of the camera when she’s showing us the stuff she got? I love it

  93. Elisamuel Gonzalez Blanchard
    Elisamuel Gonzalez Blanchard
    9 napja

    “… this can kind of carry… the weight of MY CAT “ 😂

  94. Lauryn Rhea
    Lauryn Rhea
    10 napja

    you make me want to get my life together

    1. wuoi zuiu
      wuoi zuiu
      9 napja

      "I, Emma Chamberlain, wore heels all day, casually, in public".

  95. Anessa Requejo
    Anessa Requejo
    10 napja

    The Office. (Emma Chamberlain version)

  96. C C23
    C C23
    10 napja

    I remember watching your house tour 2 years ago and I’ve followed you ever since. You’re growing into such a lovely young woman. Love you queen!

    10 napja

    si emma ok?

  98. Rikke Jensen
    Rikke Jensen
    10 napja

    10:45 top right corner

  99. Lavinia Scott
    Lavinia Scott
    10 napja

    emma, your videos honestly improve my day and help me get out of bed, never thought i'd say that. is it embarrassing?

    1. Mitali Samdariya
      Mitali Samdariya
      6 napja

      So true and it's not embarrassing at all i feel like that's the case for a lot of her viewers lol

  100. Christy Sandhoff
    Christy Sandhoff
    10 napja

    Have you met Brandon Garcia yet?