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  1. Kylie Connor
    Kylie Connor

    This woman is so addictive to watch like her content is just elite

  2. layan
    7 órája

    love u sm you’re the best 🫂

  3. julia
    12 órája

    6:12 “mommy will get mad” why is this so cute

  4. Edward Saad
    Edward Saad
    2 napja


  5. Keiry Bonifacio
    Keiry Bonifacio
    2 napja

    I never get sick of you

  6. ChaseliketheBank 420
    ChaseliketheBank 420
    3 napja

    I love how I’m sitting in my car eating a salad, watching Emma sit in her car eating a salad.😂

  7. Shelby Self
    Shelby Self
    4 napja

    declan is my everything

  8. Shamaila Iqebal
    Shamaila Iqebal
    4 napja

    Put your song up on SoundCloud or I will 😡

  9. Piper Pope
    Piper Pope
    5 napja

    Does anyone else put the screen up to their forehead for forehead kisses or just me? I miss forehead kisses lol😕

  10. Julia
    5 napja

    you reminded me to take my vitamins thank you

  11. junjiii babe
    junjiii babe
    6 napja

    I can relate .. You have pretty much everything working out for you.. you become bored.. Im bored most of the time because Im at a good place in my life and I have zero friends. She might have no friends which in turn makes life boring

  12. Fatima Hira
    Fatima Hira
    6 napja


  13. okay kate
    okay kate
    6 napja

    This is actually the opposite of depression. She’s absolutely content in her own company and goes along doing her routine and things that seem interesting to her. Idk why so many people who aren’t even qualified in psychology are saying that she is.

    1. astonished human being
      astonished human being
      6 napja

      Stop assuming things. We don't know how she spends the rest of the day, we don't know anything about her real mental condition. I do believe that she might be depressed, but speculating over this is so wrong. Saying she's "the opposite of depression" is even worse than saying she's depressed

  14. okay kate
    okay kate
    6 napja

    This is actually the opposite of depression. She’s absolutely content in her own company and goes along doing her routine and things that seem interesting to her. Idk why so many people who aren’t even qualified in psychology are saying that she is.

  15. bbb
    9 napja

    Love you /:

  16. StarBerry_Playz
    10 napja

    I would really want Emma to do a closet clean out cuz like she said in the song she has clothes from literally high school so I feel like it will be fun to watch a closet clean out from her

  17. Maddy Hassenzahl
    Maddy Hassenzahl
    10 napja

    okay the shower talk is real… never wanting to shower before hand, always feel better after

  18. Tom Hoffmann
    Tom Hoffmann
    11 napja

    That's not how you eat apricots

  19. Anna Koopman
    Anna Koopman
    12 napja

    i loved that song emma

  20. Elene Bakuradze
    Elene Bakuradze
    12 napja

    Emma u are the best!!!

  21. uwu //
    uwu //
    12 napja

    this is actually the first video i watched from you because of the interesting title and i don't regret it, keep up the good work emma

  22. Scarlett C
    Scarlett C
    13 napja

    xD the rap part! ♥ GENIUS

  23. AJ
    13 napja

    Okay hear me out- fruits are actually really good. Like why are we sleeping on them, they’re SO good

  24. chayanis KIKI
    chayanis KIKI
    13 napja

    Ohhh meowgoddd

  25. Learn With Anisha
    Learn With Anisha
    13 napja

    The whole video I was just listening to Emma and looking at her nails. It's so damn good

  26. Renata Barbosa
    Renata Barbosa
    14 napja

    I just LOVE her videos omggg 💚 and after I started watching her videos I started drinking coffee IDK Y lol

  27. Isabel Spooner
    Isabel Spooner
    15 napja

    10/10 song

  28. MissSoandSo
    16 napja

    I agree with Emma. An air fryer is just a glorified oven.

  29. Sina..
    17 napja

    U were just on the ad before this video played LOL

  30. Francisca Silva
    Francisca Silva
    18 napja

    Hope you feel better girl we love you

  31. Elise Palmer
    Elise Palmer
    19 napja

    Guys, she doesn't hide it well but she's depressed and has nothing to do because of it, she has so much money to shop but she hates shopping, and she stayes in her house all day. She is not okay and it's pretty fucking obvious so please stop laughing and ignoring the signs that she is fucking depressed.

    1. Learn With Anisha
      Learn With Anisha
      13 napja

      It doesn't look like she's depressed. She is just being relatable. Like that's what normal teens do

  32. Jeff 1234
    Jeff 1234
    19 napja

    emma-"i really dont have anything" the cat byeeeee emma-"on the agenda today" cat heyyyyyy

  33. za _ id
    za _ id
    19 napja


  34. shrek's dark bootyhole
    shrek's dark bootyhole
    19 napja

    Ironic how this video is about enjoying boredom, and it's not even boring at all

  35. sáb
    20 napja

    15:15 i love this..😃😆

  36. sahara gorme
    sahara gorme
    20 napja

    pooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. sahara gorme
    sahara gorme
    20 napja

    the cat is big and cuute and always goes right past the camera

  38. b e a r . owo
    b e a r . owo
    20 napja

    ive been benging your videos, i did last night and today and now i feel like doing something thank you

  39. Memphis Skallywag
    Memphis Skallywag
    21 napja

    Lil Emma Chaim Chaim aka scrawberry gas.

  40. Nina T
    Nina T
    21 napja

    Can we stop diagnosing people with mental illnesses with out knowing them personally? YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING THERAPIST thank u:3

  41. Mariam Mena
    Mariam Mena
    22 napja

    google is the hitler of nazi times. aka book burning. deleting information THEY dont want to get out. usually informataion that helps the masses

  42. Alex Kostromin
    Alex Kostromin
    22 napja

    U r my emotional support when everyone and everything else fails

  43. salma aldossary
    salma aldossary
    22 napja

    i just give you a subscribe , my sister have been buy your yummy coffee

  44. Lu ay
    Lu ay
    23 napja

    I’ve just discovered Emma and I can’t stop watching her videos, she’s so real ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  45. Dila Yilmaz
    Dila Yilmaz
    23 napja

    LMAOO 14:23 😭😭😭

  46. cachet burton
    cachet burton
    24 napja

    Right at i hate being at the nail salon for too long i never get a pedicure just my nails 😭i do my own pedicure and it turns out great tbh !!

  47. Aayushi
    24 napja

    That song kinda slapped

  48. cataluñia solar
    cataluñia solar
    25 napja

    i love your real life actually love you kiss in the forhead

  49. lore
    25 napja

    why is nobody ever talking ab her cute ass cats

  50. peyton thierbach
    peyton thierbach
    25 napja

    Emma has inspired me to do something with my life and be healthy. Like workout, cook healthy meals, and stuff like that but she also inspires me to be myself and not pretend to be perfect

  51. Deanna Callaway
    Deanna Callaway
    26 napja

    Girl take a day off from what lol I think ur personality is relatable af but this profession is why ur bored. No fulfillment 🤷🏻‍♀️

  52. Brian Mardiney
    Brian Mardiney
    26 napja

    It is embarrassing, you're right.

  53. Larissa Dougan
    Larissa Dougan
    27 napja

    ur literally a Tim Burton character , in a good way

  54. Teodora Jovanović
    Teodora Jovanović
    28 napja

    Fun fact: when you take the pit out of apricots KEEP THEM and let them dry for a few days. You can then break them like hazelnuts and eat the insides andI promise they're good!

  55. Cisowianka123 L
    Cisowianka123 L
    28 napja

    wheres this navy blue hoodie from??? plis

  56. Biser Marinov
    Biser Marinov
    28 napja

    Emma: You cant use your phone, when you're bored, because you get entertained. Me, watching this video, because I'm bored: fffff

  57. Yasmin
    29 napja

    i looove grocery shopping too these days but it's definitely not the most relaxing thing when you don't have enough money to not worry about it

  58. Tali K
    Tali K

    take calcium!

  59. Tali K
    Tali K

    love google!

  60. Bubbly Sprite
    Bubbly Sprite

    wait I just realized something. you should totally get layers in your hair. it would look so good

  61. Bubbly Sprite
    Bubbly Sprite

    your supposed to add fries to salt when they are piping hot because then it sticks better and also putting salt beforehand dries it out

  62. Bubbly Sprite
    Bubbly Sprite

    I think that the eye makeup looks good because it enhances your eyes, but the foundation just makes you look pasty.

  63. Jade Melanson
    Jade Melanson


  64. Hónapja

    Emma do 24 hours with out coffee

  65. eva millar
    eva millar

    where are her joggies from??

  66. eva millar
    eva millar

    where are her joggies from??

  67. Thomas Likes Games
    Thomas Likes Games

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  68. Willow McRae
    Willow McRae

    you should do a closet cleanout

  69. Mehrin

    I mean y'all Emma has US, we're w her, she's talking to US.

  70. Arybella Theul
    Arybella Theul

    is she saying apricots wrong or is that just me

  71. Maria Ramirez
    Maria Ramirez

    emma why don’t you re decorate your room so you go shopping but it won’t affect your closet

  72. abrar 10s
    abrar 10s

    Do you think that emma looks like naomi Scott whe she wears make up??

  73. catalina perez
    catalina perez

    me gusta tus videos 😩😩😩

  74. catalina perez
    catalina perez


  75. pasqueeze

    You're actually cute.

  76. Danna Țurcanu
    Danna Țurcanu

    14:27 🤣🤣🤣

  77. Ashley Eckelbarger
    Ashley Eckelbarger

    I've started crocheting, reading, hiking, and going for walks when I'm bored. I also spend more time cooking, and find stuff to clean. Boredom is nice to let yourself process what's been going on.

  78. Tim Lempicki
    Tim Lempicki

    I love some of themes/topics of this video, namely, boredom and misinformation. It reminds me of some other themes I have been exploring lately from other creators. There is nothing wrong with being bored and it is okay to be bored sometimes. Supposedly (maybe check my facts here :) ) boredom inspires people and kick starts their creativity. Next time you are feeling bored, let yourself be bored. Just take in the moment and actually observe what is going on around you. Don't immediately just a device and start scrolling mindlessly. I didn't get a smart phone until 2021 (I think it was sometime in March) and I only got it because it was actually starting to make tasks in my life harder without it for a number of reasons. I started finding myself picking up my phone in almost every situation when I was doing nothing. Even if I was just standing in line at a store for a minute. It hasn't even been a year and I already find myself reaching for my phone in almost every situation where I am not doing something where I used to have no problem just sitting with my thoughts. It is a little scary how fast that happened.

  79. Jenna Walchle
    Jenna Walchle

    The way she pronounce d apricot lol

  80. Chayenne

    u r really my comfort person.

  81. Yihong Choi
    Yihong Choi

    Being bored is very important. I love that she is becoming so wise.


    I love your Instagram


    Emma would be sooooo happy if she lived in nyc❤️

  84. Abbie K
    Abbie K

    i love your videos!

  85. Aleksandra Oltovska
    Aleksandra Oltovska

    sell your extra clothes online for us to buy, your fits are always fire

  86. Jojo Alsuwayed
    Jojo Alsuwayed

    Am reading all of these comments and saying being bored isn’t normal girl I do nothing most of my days it’s fine if you feel bored y’all are dramatic

  87. Amanda Hamel
    Amanda Hamel

    Yay! Thanks for the shoutout for dietitians! 💕😻🤩😛

  88. TheHandyGuy

    How to cure boredom: watch every Emma vlog

  89. mafddox comtio
    mafddox comtio

    The protective michelle booly whine because eye alternately taste minus a chief slip. quack, likeable wing

  90. Laney Terrents
    Laney Terrents

    I didn't know Voldemort had a youtube channel...

  91. g jones
    g jones

    POV u see this because you are bored

  92. Cameron Ferris
    Cameron Ferris

    puts pesto on hot chips yummmm

  93. Sydney Dawn
    Sydney Dawn

    Me wanna do what Emma do when she's bored but your just realised that your poor👁👄👁

  94. Talya Braud
    Talya Braud

    I have an apricot tree! So good!😗✌🏻

  95. Kylah Sparks
    Kylah Sparks

    Try making jewelry it’s really fun

  96. Kylah Sparks
    Kylah Sparks

    I love your videos SO much 🤩

  97. Janey Johnson
    Janey Johnson

    where is the salad from pls

  98. alliyahrose1D felipe
    alliyahrose1D felipe

    You look ok Emma, you look great on your green eyeshadow.

  99. Kulood Aldanhani
    Kulood Aldanhani

    Why is it every time I watch her HUpac videos I feel like I’m her sister. Emma I love you and you are a phenomenal intelligent human being 💗🥯a bagel for you

  100. Abigail Meyer 444
    Abigail Meyer 444

    closet cleanup video