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im turning into an LA girl. and i'm sorry.


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  1. Brezlyn Case
    Brezlyn Case

    ur itching it? ahhhhh i love you emma

  2. Sear Bear
    Sear Bear
    6 órája

    I think you're beautiful as you are, I know that drinking lots of water a day I know that's cliche but it would probably definitely diminish your bags under your eyes or at least help with them. I never used to drink water either and then once I started everyday my skin completely cleared and even out my natural colour👍👍👍💟

  3. Cas Contents
    Cas Contents
    13 órája

    But didn't you have 12 pks of hummus in your fridge? 😀😉

  4. Shrishti Patil
    Shrishti Patil
    16 órája

    16:52 because we really really love you 😽’s that simple :) …

  5. Κωνσταντίνα Καραγιάννη
    Κωνσταντίνα Καραγιάννη
    20 órája

    13:17 did you wash the strawberries?🤨😂❤️

  6. Alice Fulcher
    Alice Fulcher
    21 órája

    The doubtful fall routinely shelter because pamphlet infrequently mark up a snotty feedback. selfish, sweltering mercury

  7. Morena Dalto
    Morena Dalto


  8. Brandon S
    Brandon S

    You're to beautiful to be a Democrat. I hope it isn't true. #EducationisKey

  9. sammisauce2

    My Bf walking into our room and hearing her say “I mean I’ve accidentally gotten a booger in my mouth once” and being like “okay Emma. I’m out” 😂

  10. Ruby Mars
    Ruby Mars

    How can someone be this beautiful without even trying!!

  11. Ade K
    Ade K
    2 napja

    I don’t eat my bogies but I think it’s the same way ppl like the smell of their own farts

  12. Lara Alencar
    Lara Alencar
    2 napja

    i love u

  13. maidavale545
    2 napja

    I want to be your cat

  14. Victoria Dawson
    Victoria Dawson
    2 napja

    is honey working on ipad too?

  15. Sylvie Egts
    Sylvie Egts
    3 napja

    I always give her video a thumbs up

  16. Nat
    3 napja

    Emma you need to take more protein and vitamins girl 🙄. Coffee, strawberries, lettuce and squash with canned tomato sauce is not a nutritional daily meal.

  17. Steffi Reyno
    Steffi Reyno
    3 napja

    Does Emma edit her own videos?

  18. Anais
    4 napja

    does anyone know where she got her baby blue jacket from? i neeeeeeeed it

  19. Izzy Dalrymple
    Izzy Dalrymple
    4 napja

    it blows my mind how quickly emma can go from talking about fashion style, to stating she’s never eaten her boogers.

  20. Coffee is a Must
    Coffee is a Must
    4 napja


  21. Skabumble
    4 napja

    It's really just a testament to how engaging, phenomenal, and entertaining of a person you are Emma that you can make the same activities into the most enjoyable and binge-able content on the 'Tube

  22. Ashy 💕
    Ashy 💕
    5 napja

    ✨Eren Yeager✨ Sorry I had tooooo, love the hair tho-

  23. Mariano Q.
    Mariano Q.
    5 napja

    luv u too honey 😊

    1. Mariano Q.
      Mariano Q.
      5 napja

      and ur nails 🥰😭

  24. Edmond Isayan
    Edmond Isayan
    6 napja

    I love the way she said it it’s market day

  25. -*Its Amii* -
    -*Its Amii* -
    6 napja

    We love you Emma

  26. Sim Maslen
    Sim Maslen
    7 napja

    when she adds the milk to the strawberries EMMA WTFFF

  27. Greg Fred
    Greg Fred
    7 napja

    Im still the same me guys- *empty mansion echoes*

  28. gru's nose
    gru's nose
    7 napja

    dear emma, i am trying to get past the part of u making the chocolate covered strawberries but i can't. tip: watch the chocolate from the microwave and make sure not all of it is melted. get it out of the microwave and just stir until it's a nice thick but liquid-y consistency.

  29. Anne Canright
    Anne Canright
    7 napja

    What does he do with your blanket?

  30. Anne Canright
    Anne Canright
    7 napja

    Did you get your Mother a card?

  31. Mia Manicone
    Mia Manicone
    7 napja

    Honestly, I had taken a break from your channel a year ago after being a subscriber for like 3 years. BUT a few days ago one of your videos was recommended to me, and I found it so fucking relaxing. Seeing you just do normal stuff and talk about your weird and funny thoughts is so relatable, and it makes me want to go out and do things and be productive. So you're honestly saving me from failing at life so thanks love you. bye.

  32. Khadijah Alkashim
    Khadijah Alkashim
    7 napja

    the LED mask thing reminds me of the iron man one in the 'King eternal monarch' Kdrama, uncas if there are any crossover fans of Emma and Kdramas

  33. Alexandra Dumas
    Alexandra Dumas
    7 napja

    girlie next time add salt and pepper to the squash BEFORE you put it in the oven ... maybe some garlic powder too

  34. Barbara Barbie
    Barbara Barbie
    8 napja

    Emma Looks like a Tim burton character

  35. Kai Seniff
    Kai Seniff
    8 napja

    The ruddy hand consequentially repair because chemistry noticeably recognise amid a guiltless state. pushy, trashy heaven

  36. HayleyxElizabeth
    9 napja

    she could literally stare and the screen and i wouldn’t get bored, emma is a literal goddess

  37. selna mk
    selna mk
    9 napja

    I'm still surprised how i watched a 25 minutes video without doing anything 😐

  38. Harley Omally Bennett
    Harley Omally Bennett
    9 napja

    I’ve just found this girl and I love her! She makes the most dull tasks entertaining 🤣

  39. athena🍒
    10 napja

    don’t ever listen to what anybody has to say emma do what you want always you are very inspiring

  40. paridhi rungta
    paridhi rungta
    12 napja


  41. Fae Winter
    Fae Winter
    13 napja

    Damn I FUQIN WISH farmers markets were on Sundays by where I live! They’re always on, like; Thursday. In the morning. Like. What. The. Fuq.

  42. MissSweetness4u
    14 napja

    For real though, dont eat your boogers LOL theres a reason it comes out

  43. Shivang Rawat
    Shivang Rawat
    14 napja

    U are amazing never getting bored of you.

  44. Martha Davidson
    Martha Davidson
    14 napja

    Wait Emma's Dad's 55 and she's 20. But my Dad's 55 and I'm only 14! What!!!?

  45. Isabel Spooner
    Isabel Spooner
    16 napja

    ur too entertaining in a effortlessly way

  46. Pei Xuan
    Pei Xuan
    16 napja

    love u somuch emma my fav girl

  47. Jamari Armstead
    Jamari Armstead
    17 napja

    Let's give Emma her own TV show on Hulu because that would be something else!

  48. elahe
    17 napja

    WAIT WHAT i just found out that some ppl eat their boogers?? Like wtfff😭

  49. Decoden Dream
    Decoden Dream
    18 napja

    I read the title in a French accent like "LE MORNING ROUTINE" 😩

  50. Paige Turner
    Paige Turner
    18 napja

    You: a sucessful, well-adjusted, unproblematic 20 yr old. Your dad: A happy, healthy 55 yr old. Me: A CFBC 42 yr old woman loving to see it & thinking how much better the world would be if only ppl everyone who wanted to breed waited until they were mid-30s (and mentally and financially stable) do it.💯🎯

  51. Sara Abuzaid
    Sara Abuzaid
    18 napja

    I love your videos babe

  52. starrberry
    19 napja

    i love you

  53. Madison Brown
    Madison Brown
    19 napja

    ahahaha I could never be bored

  54. Eva Ntakou
    Eva Ntakou
    19 napja

    emma honey you can't eat fruits without washing them first

  55. anne bant
    anne bant
    19 napja


  56. True Crime365
    True Crime365
    20 napja

    Only Emma can make a 5 minute long rant about boogers be hilariously entertaining!!! Haha

  57. mimi bergquist
    mimi bergquist
    20 napja

    We're not bored of you because you feel like a friend.

  58. Piper Small
    Piper Small
    20 napja

    You made the chocolate seize by adding cold milk, you should always heat it befor asking it. Sometimes you can fix seized chocolate by adding a bit of oil

  59. NHLAH
    21 napja

    I love this sm!!! And I realized that I fell in love with you 😩🤍🤍🤍🤍

  60. Hell Vixen
    Hell Vixen
    21 napja

    The mask reminds me of the pink Power Ranger, lol. i also almost read 1984 but kinda fell asleep as reading does, but it seems cool, I'll just watch the movie, lol.

  61. Gloria
    21 napja

    16:29 the cutest 😭😭😭

  62. Bellas world
    Bellas world
    22 napja

    We’re not bored of your videos because it feels like you’re our friend and that you’re talking to us one on one

  63. Macy Buerhaus
    Macy Buerhaus
    22 napja

    The thing that happened to the chocolate is called seizing, it's usually caused when the chocolate is exposed to moisture (ie water or milk) and it gets all lumpy and dry. Oddly enough the way to fix it is to boil some water and add it in a little at a time while mixing vigorously. I know way too many times from experience

    1. Pərvanə Əhmədova
      Pərvanə Əhmədova
      18 napja

      Yeah she should add coconut oil or something else

  64. Razzle :3
    Razzle :3
    23 napja

    i don’t think she understands we are watching for her not for the things she does

  65. fresh a voca do
    fresh a voca do
    23 napja

    bestie you're literally my comfort character

  66. Gretel Rojas
    Gretel Rojas
    23 napja


  67. Katrina Bercasio
    Katrina Bercasio
    23 napja

    Hi Emma! I've discovered you on spotify. I love to listen all of your contents in spotify. I've tried to search you on youtube,and now here I am, I'm more entertained to watch all of your videos here in youtube! I love you emma! I'm one of your fan right now🥰 just keep on uploading new videos and we're here to support you❤️

  68. Isa Torralba
    Isa Torralba
    24 napja


  69. Giada Ghezzo
    Giada Ghezzo
    24 napja

    I’d be Hours listening to you

  70. Phoebe Love
    Phoebe Love
    24 napja

    I love how she used like 5 minutes talking about boogers

  71. Paige
    24 napja

    Why would we fans be ‘bored’ like all of us are so entertained by watching your videos! ❤️

  72. Taylor
    25 napja

    EMMA are you scared of ghosts being in that big house. You seem brave lol

  73. Nettie Spaghetti
    Nettie Spaghetti
    27 napja

    you know why im not bored of you? bc im taking notes... i wanna be just like u when i move out youre responsible and funny and amazing and productive (at least more than i am rn lol) please dont ever stop making youtube videos (as long as you are happy)

  74. l3tm3g0.
    27 napja

    emma is absolutely my top comfort youtuber, im so stressed so im binging her videos, yes im 3 months back dont judge me :[

    1. Amar alchaar
      Amar alchaar
      25 napja

      Me too

  75. Luiza Costa
    Luiza Costa
    27 napja

    She’s such a Gemini lol

  76. Madison paige
    Madison paige
    27 napja

    i’m honestly not gonna lie i watched this then got up and went on a run and got a shower and made myself dinner bc u made me motivated!

  77. sereen yafi
    sereen yafi
    27 napja

    I mean she has such a loving platform that I don’t think she should be scared or nervous to express what she likes to do even if it’s a LA girl as she says 💗💗

  78. Rose Martine
    Rose Martine
    27 napja

    I 1,000 percent judge you if you eat your boogers. There is nothing grosser to me, and if you do you're vile.

  79. Amanda Cunha
    Amanda Cunha
    27 napja

    Your allergy won't get better if you keep doing everything by car and buying so much plastic.

  80. Ylva Elisabeth Solberg
    Ylva Elisabeth Solberg
    28 napja

    We're not bored of you because you are so comforting and relatable. Please just make videos all the time, they help me so much whenever I'm sad or bored!!

  81. mia mengkrogen
    mia mengkrogen
    28 napja

    Where’s that jacket from?

  82. Hatty
    28 napja

    Like 10 pairs of jeans is minimalist loool

  83. Jayda Schenker
    Jayda Schenker
    29 napja

    i know this is an old vid but she is actually the only person i will go to a sponser or like a fetured prouduct from a video know i have honey :)

  84. simsilo

    kknk || my cat literally just typed that 😂

  85. ava smith
    ava smith

    someone like needs to tell me where that grey cable knit zip up is from

  86. Sabrina Elizabeth
    Sabrina Elizabeth

    Emma driving with her lights on in her car is such a mood lmaoo

  87. Kylie Berriwell
    Kylie Berriwell

    I love your videos because it's relatable and comforting. I've been watching your YT videos for about 3/4 years!

  88. Ryn

    The “ imagine if this would of gone to waste and what a shame that would of been “ just seemed so sarcastic but in a scary I’m worried for you way. Girl are u okay? It seemed like you were convincing yourself of that lowkey

  89. Shaima


  90. Daisey Hesson
    Daisey Hesson

    “A little afternoon pick me up for free”🤣

  91. Paulin Suda
    Paulin Suda

    the way she talked about wanting to step up her fashion style and doing something not everyone does… like does she know all of gen z’s fashion sense depends on her?

  92. ava 4 life
    ava 4 life

    “i cant choose my favorite” “it’s so good” yea you made it

  93. ava 4 life
    ava 4 life

    eating your boogers is in fact harmful, they have BAD GERMS in them, so yk yea

  94. Annabel Kemplay
    Annabel Kemplay

    0:22 aww that was so cute~

  95. Valerie Morley
    Valerie Morley

    Emma: "You Know the 7 wonders of the world, Well there's an 8th Wonder of the world, and its how you guys arnt bored of me yet." Emma we do the same thing as you! Also I love you so much!

  96. Nancy Khalil
    Nancy Khalil

    “I basically worked out for an hour listening to people grunting” I lost it lmaoo

  97. avery childs
    avery childs

    i love you

  98. Tim Lempicki
    Tim Lempicki

    I find it so much easier to cook spaghetti squash in the microwave. Just use a Pyrex (or other Microwave safe) pan put in the spaghetti squash half face down in maybe a half inch of water and cover with plastic wrap so it can steam. Cook until you can push with one finger on the outside and its super soft. Usually like 15-20 minutes depending on the power of your microwave (wattage) and how big it is. Edit: it looks like you seized the chocolate. Its from overheating/burning or moisture getting to the chocolate.

  99. Rhiannon Saunders
    Rhiannon Saunders

    Emma the grandpa fucking dies in that book lol

  100. aishwarya jindal
    aishwarya jindal

    Everytime she vlogs as soon as she wakes up I am like ... she looks so good in the morning, Well god really chooses favorites!