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  1. Elise Cogan
    Elise Cogan
    51 perce

    Can anyone find the guitar song at the end? Cant figure out where to listen to it.

  2. summer
    3 órája

    this video was weirdly depressing

  3. Fos
    6 órája

    Ppl are saying this is depressing, but this is how I want my life to be like , it soo calming.

  4. May ;
    May ;
    9 órája

    book store? she reads books now?

  5. Isabella Gow
    Isabella Gow
    9 órája

    Emma, I'm no doctor but I think your tonsil stones and bad breath may be from the acidity of foods you eat on a regular basis. Food and drinks that are high in acid can irritate your stomach which explains you taking pepto bismol after dinner.

  6. Dáša Lagodičová
    Dáša Lagodičová
    16 órája

    Here's a piece of unsolicited advice - go find a functional doctor/a naturopath. Might help you with a lot of things, ranging from digestive issues to anxiety. Just give it a shot.

  7. Geralda Amanda
    Geralda Amanda
    20 órája

    maybe have a check of internal gut health and how that relates to anxiety and other stressors in your life. Also check out IBS.

  8. Phil Daniels
    Phil Daniels
    21 órája

    I think if you dip the paintbrush in your coffee/tea, and make broad strokes, à la - Van Gogh, the visual contrasts would illicit a masterful - masterpiece performance!

  9. Angie Duran
    Angie Duran

    I get tonsil stones. Get them occasionally. I just get a q-tip, squeeze it out, and rinse with mouthwash. Sounds disgusting but it gets them out and the smell.

  10. Shelley Anne
    Shelley Anne

    Am I the only one that misses the energy her old videos had, like these just seems so.. “daily grind”

  11. JJ Dubs
    JJ Dubs

    Omg her crying made me feel so sad. I have a phobia of smelling bad too even though I have great hygiene. I used to use all natural products (not hating on them or anything) and they kinda just ended up making me smell odd. My siblings still make jokes to this day that I smell bad. But it actually really affects me and makes me extremely insecure. I wonder if the jokes people made in the past about Emma still follow her. That pisses me off and I totally relate to that. Emma seems like she smells amazing though tbh. I just hope she’s not too obsessive about it because firsthand I know how exhausting that can get

  12. Vale

    The editing is amazing! feels calm, like everything is going to be alright at the end

  13. brooklyn

    emma why did you only pick up abnormally large books 😭 but in all seriousness i hope you’re doing okay

  14. Maddiecatcher 88
    Maddiecatcher 88

    Her videos have changed so much…

  15. Meowwww

    I wanna be her friend

  16. Débora Alves
    Débora Alves

    am I the only one who misses her forehead kisses?

  17. sharee

    emma’s content is so raw and real. she doesn’t put on a fake smile and she doesn’t act like she’s perfect. she allows us to see the flaws and i think that’s so cool because most you tubers pretend they’re perfect.

  18. Hope Breannan
    Hope Breannan

    I love how she has no intro she just gets straight to the point

  19. Nish

    3:16 wait like somebody tell me what bg audio she is using this is giving me heavy nostalgia I can't just let it go It's looping in my mind Where what where Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh I can't put my finger on what part of my childhood she is hitting rn but I want to know 😭

  20. Sofa Jay
    Sofa Jay

    Praying for you, you literally look miserable, you look so different

    1. VIRI SOTO

      Tf girl

  21. Magdalen Wood
    Magdalen Wood
    2 napja

    Her videos are just so comforting

  22. رهف م
    رهف م
    2 napja

    MV rất hay, i like it ❤️😓😭

  23. angel C
    angel C
    2 napja

    I get those al the time and as soon as I feel it it get it out

  24. Quillen T
    Quillen T
    2 napja

    Is anyone else really worried about Emma? I get her editing style can change, she can grow up and change but honestly I think somethings wrong with her. She look sick and like her attitude is very off to me. I think something emotional has been going on a while and she was trying to deal with it by playing her drums, then by reading, then by painting and now by hydrating. I think something emotional has been wrong a while and it’s not starting to effect her physical health. Her titles, editing, the music, things she says and how she says things.

  25. Shyla Rajabali
    Shyla Rajabali
    2 napja

    3:22 DOES ANYONW KNOW WHAT SHOES SHE HAS FROM THIS TIME STAMP??? i reaaaaaallly want them

  26. nisham kp
    nisham kp
    2 napja

    Hi emma beauty pelise no answer ❤❤ yu every beautiful spoke super

  27. Svmy
    2 napja

    I missed the forehead kiss :(

  28. Makiayh Spruel
    Makiayh Spruel
    2 napja


  29. Sarah Chagoya
    Sarah Chagoya
    2 napja

    i miss the forehead goodbye kiss :

  30. Niccola Stein
    Niccola Stein
    2 napja

    this is my new comfort video

  31. Lara Alencar
    Lara Alencar
    2 napja

    i love u

  32. Bella Payne
    Bella Payne
    2 napja

    Emma you are so beautiful

  33. Weallstanroseofficial
    2 napja

    Her Editings are like she's the only one left on Earth

  34. Emily Jessup
    Emily Jessup
    2 napja

    I used to get tonsil stones all the time and they would come out when I sneeze 🤣

  35. Official Kay
    Official Kay
    2 napja

    Dude I had the same problem but the taste and smell never went away

  36. Angie Miller
    Angie Miller
    3 napja

    Lmfaoooo I used to get so many tonsil stones when I was younger, they were awful & so annoying

  37. hailey’s_memes
    3 napja

    I literally knew it was a tonsil stone those things suck

  38. Kamy Alexandra
    Kamy Alexandra
    3 napja

    I had tonsils 2 times hurt as f

  39. megan s
    megan s
    3 napja

    emma ur literally my favorite person on this earth

  40. catherine lopez
    catherine lopez
    3 napja


  41. Thalia Santos
    Thalia Santos
    3 napja


  42. Nadia Jade
    Nadia Jade
    3 napja

    I really like the Music in the videos.

  43. Shaked Roffe
    Shaked Roffe
    3 napja

    this is my comfort video of emma🤲👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🤍

  44. Nichole Logue
    Nichole Logue
    3 napja

    My boyfriend gets those alllll the time! His mom didn’t get his tonsils removed as a child and now they are VERY close to touching. Sounds terrifying i know. It is trust me! So when he gets them he just takes a toothpick and literally gags himself and digs it out. I don’t know how the hell he does it. But don’t freak out it’s totally fine!

  45. Bunny Light
    Bunny Light
    3 napja

    Ah I love these types of videos Emma ^^

  46. gxbrxxl'
    3 napja

    1:37 what are mine then? brown?

  47. M S
    M S
    3 napja

    I have never tasted a tonsil stone in my tonsil. I usually sneeze or cough and it flys out

  48. Lana Krsman
    Lana Krsman
    3 napja

    Do we not get forehead kisses anymore?!

  49. healthy living
    healthy living
    4 napja

    Idk about y'all but I've fallen in love with her new editing style, it's calming an comforting and it's like a European movie or something. I'm in love!!!!

  50. Anna rose
    Anna rose
    4 napja


  51. exowerone
    4 napja

    i know it’s mf LA but that’s MYTYYY streeeet! that bookstore is my favorite.

  52. RoadWarrior2006
    4 napja

    You live like a princess. You don't say or do much of anything in your short videos yet you get 4M views and hundreds of thousands in cash? You are the most privileged class of people on the earth, yet we have hatred for White Men who built everything and gave you all of your rights. Maybe you should talk about things that actually matter while you eat your rabbit food and drink your special coffees.

  53. Sunny
    4 napja

    Make sure you are waiting to brush your teeth at least 30min to 1 hour after eating so you don't brush away your enamel. Thinning of your enamel could be a reason why your teeth look more yellow.

  54. hannah roman-fay
    hannah roman-fay
    4 napja


  55. Lydia Nicole
    Lydia Nicole
    4 napja

    does anyone know what camera emma uses ??

  56. Shannon Ray
    Shannon Ray
    4 napja

    emma is so beautiful

  57. Sama Gamal
    Sama Gamal
    4 napja

    What's the name of the music ???!!!

  58. Danielle Lee
    Danielle Lee
    4 napja

    She don’t even realize she’s a icon

  59. N!gga BaLLz
    N!gga BaLLz
    4 napja

    This way of her editing seems like so calming and like kinda just taking time to yourself to breath, I hope she’s ok

  60. N!gga BaLLz
    N!gga BaLLz
    4 napja

    I’m actually starting to wonder is she ok?

  61. Ciara Morin
    Ciara Morin
    4 napja

    i’m actually obsessed with the new editing style it makes emma’s videos feel so personal?? i just love it.

  62. Sara Madigan
    Sara Madigan
    4 napja

    Emma I hope you know how much I enjoy these videos ❤️ they're so calming and heartfelt. It feels like I'm having an open conversation with a good friend.

  63. Alex Keenan
    Alex Keenan
    4 napja

    This is beautiful, quality content & you're a humble, funny gal. Side note - I also know that you've struggled with EDs in the past & I don't mean to cross the line, but I can see that you've lost weight & I just really want you to know that you are so much more than your weight & that life isn't worth living like that - & I know that that may seem impossible to feel right now but this is coming from someone who's recovered. Ily & wish you all the health in the world xxx

  64. gallagher
    4 napja

    love u emma

  65. rainylainy
    4 napja

    she has pete davidson eyes

  66. cambree king
    cambree king
    4 napja

    your vids put me at peace

  67. Stella Fidow-Birkenhead
    Stella Fidow-Birkenhead
    4 napja

    I'm so in love with emmas new titles, and editing. Its all so simple, and beautiful. It makes me feel like everything's so natural, raw, and not fake. Its so comforting, a chill vibe, and so fun to watch :)

  68. Ava Haller
    Ava Haller
    4 napja

    I love Emma because it really feels like we’re hanging out

  69. Ava Haller
    Ava Haller
    4 napja

    Emma deserves the world 🌎 💕

  70. christian reyes
    christian reyes
    5 napja

    I love you so much emma❤️

  71. Aleyna Kelly
    Aleyna Kelly
    5 napja

    i thought i was the only one wit a phobia of smelling bad tbh

  72. Krystina Lee
    Krystina Lee
    5 napja

    the editing and music reminded me of a documentary or like reality show where they look at the lives of normal ppl

    1. Krystina Lee
      Krystina Lee
      5 napja

      even the way it was filmed

    2. Krystina Lee
      Krystina Lee
      5 napja

      regular every day ppl^*

  73. Legs
    5 napja

    Part of the reason you have tonsil stones is because you’re not drinking enough water. If you don’t brush before bed and when you wake up and don’t keep up on your water intake you get them

  74. Coral Win
    Coral Win
    5 napja

    That one song is called 'the snowbird strut'

  75. Anita Rose
    Anita Rose
    5 napja

    why does this feel like a home movie from the 90s

  76. Mexican Cowboy
    Mexican Cowboy
    5 napja

    some kind of nature, some kind of gold.

  77. Kailey Brianna
    Kailey Brianna
    5 napja

    i can see the depression and/or sadness in her eyes. emma if u happen to see this, i know ur burnt out i can tell, i dont know if this helps but i want u to know that U R LOVED and so so many ppl look up to you. this is cheesy but u can get through this, i mean it's true. i wish u the best, cant wait for u to find someone or something that makes u above and beyond happy. i love you , thank you for being real.

  78. Trinity Rhodes
    Trinity Rhodes
    5 napja

    I already knew what it was by her just explaining it they say be careful if you do it at home but you can use a q tip and push them out

  79. kRae12
    5 napja

    Tonsil stones suck!!!!

  80. sharon francis
    sharon francis
    5 napja

    This video made me feel good.

  81. mae
    5 napja

    this feels so vulnerable. i really love it.

  82. ashley D
    ashley D
    5 napja

    I got tonsil stones before Emma chamberlain therefore I did it before it was coooool

  83. live life
    live life
    5 napja

    Emma God thinks you smell like the most awesome aromatic creature he ever created.

  84. Addi Schmick
    Addi Schmick
    5 napja

    I stopped watching Emma for about a year and a half and I just decided to watch one of her videos bc of the met gala and now i'm in love with her new editing and i'm binging and rewatching her new editing bc I love it sm i'm so calmed by it

  85. Shaheel
    5 napja

    I am not hating or anything i am just asking and it's my first video of her what is her main thing

    1. Suga's Sugar
      Suga's Sugar
      4 napja

      Same.. I'm confused.

  86. aly.
    5 napja

    this is my new comfort video

  87. Brii Gasai
    Brii Gasai
    5 napja

    Im too stoned for this.

  88. a-nhn
    5 napja

    وشنهو البزنس ميتنق ذا يا ايما؟!!!!!!! هذي اخرتها؟؟ والي كان بيننا بس لعبه؟؟ تضيعين وقتك علي؟؟ وانا الطيب الي سمحت لك اخخخخ بس

  89. a-nhn
    5 napja

    والله يا ايما العيال بالاستراحه يقولون وش جاك وش فيك متغير من الي داخل راسك بس انا مستحي اقولهم اني عطيت قلبي كله لك اخخ يا ايما صوري لي خشمك يالغلا

  90. a-nhn
    5 napja

    عيونك لا تورينها الكل بس انا تفهمين؟؟؟؟ ولا تورين احد اصابعك بس لي انا انتي حقي فاهمه؟!!! حتى الاكل لا تطبخين اغار عليك من البصل

  91. a-nhn
    5 napja

    غطي اباطك يامره ترا اغار عليك هذا ماهو من سلومنا وغطي شعرك حتى من الحريم ترا مالهم امان اغار عليك من الكل فاهمه؟!!!!

  92. a-nhn
    5 napja

    اخخ امزح تابعت مقطعك 4 مرات وحطيته على لوب بليز ردي علي والله اشتقت لك

  93. a-nhn
    5 napja

    ترا ماكملت مقطعك لانه فاضي وتراني ما احبك مره

  94. a-nhn
    5 napja

    إيما يالغلا سأكون أميرك ولكي الهنا

  95. Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis
    5 napja

    Emma still blogging after we’re all gone

  96. Dreina Alesana
    Dreina Alesana
    5 napja

    Too much coffee

  97. ASN Productions
    ASN Productions
    5 napja

    no more forehead kisses 😔

  98. ASN Productions
    ASN Productions
    5 napja

    she’s filming like the documentaries they would make back then

  99. ASN Productions
    ASN Productions
    5 napja

    i had tonsil stones many times and had my mom take them out with a cotton swab 😂

  100. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    5 napja

    nice vid.