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  1. Mariano Q.
    Mariano Q.
    9 órája

    sis u my twin soul 🥰🥰💗💗

  2. Ahmad Dukuray
    Ahmad Dukuray
    17 órája

    Quick question 🙋‍♂️ what car does Emma drives ??

  3. Paloma Chaires
    Paloma Chaires
    22 órája

    Emmaaaaaaaaaaa i really love you 💛 you always make my day so much better

  4. Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson
    2 napja

    Emma you are the coolest !!! LOVE YOU

  5. teagan
    2 napja

    our last forehead kiss :/

  6. MamaCoco Fitness
    MamaCoco Fitness
    3 napja

    I am an economist and according to my doctor friends, we conclude that there are more air bubbles swallowed when you don't use a straw.

  7. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    5 napja

    great video.

  8. Esmé Myers
    Esmé Myers
    5 napja

    I wanna know the recipe for that bread so bad

  9. AuroraDocs
    5 napja

    I just watched a full 20 minute video about making a PB&J sandwich.

  10. Maddy
    5 napja

    not this video making me emo

  11. jordyn Stensen
    jordyn Stensen
    6 napja

    thank you for being my comfort person.

  12. Bruno Duarte
    Bruno Duarte
    6 napja

    stop driking that shit girrrrrl

  13. Alex Corlew
    Alex Corlew
    6 napja

    This was a good one

  14. Alex Corlew
    Alex Corlew
    6 napja

    "I'm growin up" lol

  15. Roxiana Ray
    Roxiana Ray
    6 napja

    this is the most relatable 18 minutes and 9 seconds of potentially my life

  16. Shrreya Siddhi
    Shrreya Siddhi
    7 napja

    the smile on my face when emma says "here's your forehead kiss" i will always come back to this video for a forehead kiss :')

  17. nell hughes
    nell hughes
    8 napja

    you drink slower and in smaller portions threw a straw so less carbonation (extra air) is getting into your stomach

    1. nell hughes
      nell hughes
      8 napja

      hence less burping

  18. Riley Galaxy
    Riley Galaxy
    8 napja

    We truly love u Emma

  19. Candy
    9 napja

    I love her new editing so much more, more day to day real

  20. Mark Parkey
    Mark Parkey
    9 napja

    met gala emma, after lvmh in Paris with Louis Vuitton, today is 9/12/2021, show is Monday 9/13/2021 and she is hotter than ever, excellent queen

  21. chelsea ozobiani
    chelsea ozobiani
    10 napja

    emmas shirt 11/10

  22. Jiffeed
    10 napja

    Her teeth are so perfectly white! I am jealous sis

  23. Rere Gresa
    Rere Gresa
    11 napja

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  24. Anthonin Coco
    Anthonin Coco
    11 napja

    10:01 love how she can’t lie to us

  25. Taylor Allen
    Taylor Allen
    12 napja

    yes emma i do have that prblem but i also have debilitating adhd hahahaha

  26. Kelli Joy
    Kelli Joy
    12 napja


  27. The Oreo Show
    The Oreo Show
    13 napja

    Emma: While picking earwax: “let’s literally do this”

  28. Sarah Snellings
    Sarah Snellings
    13 napja

    Y do all burps have to be included it’s hard for me to watch :(

    1. Sarah Snellings
      Sarah Snellings
      4 órája

      @Rachel Hinton u heard me babe

    2. Rachel Hinton
      Rachel Hinton
      21 órája


  29. Calvin Bennion
    Calvin Bennion
    14 napja

    W 🥇

  30. Calvin Bennion
    Calvin Bennion
    14 napja


  31. Calvin Bennion
    Calvin Bennion
    14 napja

    Homemade pb&j is a pretty hot topic.. 🍇🥜😋

  32. Savannah Gutenberger
    Savannah Gutenberger
    14 napja

    kind of sad she didn’t title this video “cooking with emma”💔

  33. Madison Clark
    Madison Clark
    14 napja

    i love me a cooking with emma

  34. Nour
    14 napja

    why did she stop giving us forehead kisses?

  35. sueaty
    14 napja

    6:18 well at least that forehead kiss came before a burp ;)

  36. Smee
    15 napja

    This was excellent .. you made it all .. amazing and that cat shirt is the bomb

  37. Delaney M
    Delaney M
    15 napja

    Orange tabby does has their personalities and very weird sometimes 👾🐈🐈

  38. Vritti D
    Vritti D
    15 napja

    i miss you, forehead kiss😔

  39. DailyDrivenLuxury DDL
    DailyDrivenLuxury DDL
    16 napja


  40. Bugtron 4
    Bugtron 4
    16 napja

    hello bb girl i would want to make bb and j so much on bread with jelly and peanut butter and jelly with bread

  41. Rhiannon Jarvis
    Rhiannon Jarvis
    16 napja

    Emma: “next I’m adding gluten free flour… what’s in it??” Me: “NOT GLUTEN”

  42. othmani arij
    othmani arij
    16 napja

    Go to therapy dear

    1. Małgorzata0503
      16 napja

      don't tell anyone how to live. not your problem not you're responsibility. its not helping its mean.

  43. Paige Turner
    Paige Turner
    17 napja

    Girl, YOU ARE ME!! lol, I never have bread around the house either. Aren't we just So L.A.!!😳😆😬🤷‍♀️

    1. Paige Turner
      Paige Turner
      17 napja

      Ok, so I haven't seen how you're making you're jelly, but I Just the other day watched a short where someone (can't mem who🤔) did it by blitzing water-soaked dates (drained) & some berries (blue? Black?) in a mini bullet blender thing.

  44. SirQuacks
    17 napja

    i’m never not entertained while watching your videos, they’re so interesting.

  45. bitch babe
    bitch babe
    17 napja

    Luckily i live in a small town and in my neighborhood we have many supermarkets so i don't have to take my car

  46. Holly Forsythe
    Holly Forsythe
    17 napja

    I’m in lockdown right now, and your videos always seem to put a smile on my face and make me laugh. And I thank you for that :)

  47. bb
    17 napja

    I comeback here bc i miss her forehead kisses+ i rlly need one rn :'(

  48. IA J
    IA J
    18 napja

    Where I can get that CAT TSHIRT?

  49. Elythyeia Ulyssey
    Elythyeia Ulyssey
    18 napja

    So Emma created the universe, icon

  50. Delaney M
    Delaney M
    18 napja

    Cute tabby kitty t-shirt i want one 😻

  51. emma
    19 napja

    still really upset she didn’t give us the recepie for ANYTHING in this video

  52. Kalia Anderson
    Kalia Anderson
    19 napja

    I sit at lunch alone everyday, you are my comfort at lunch

  53. Elisabeth Oglevee
    Elisabeth Oglevee
    20 napja

    Next time try Coco Goods coconut oil! SO GOOD!!

  54. Mary M
    Mary M
    20 napja

    this is character development

  55. vlogs with laina
    vlogs with laina
    20 napja

    Who else made a pb and j because it sounded good lol

  56. Zisi Usueue
    Zisi Usueue
    20 napja

    I swear watching Emma‘s videos are literally therapy to me.

  57. Anika Rathore
    Anika Rathore
    20 napja

    I like how her pov on cooking, movie and books is same as mine but on relationships :)

  58. Rayyan al busaidi
    Rayyan al busaidi
    21 napja

    everyone leave a like to my comment if you want emma to bring back the forehead kisses :(

  59. Ava Dodinot
    Ava Dodinot
    22 napja


  60. αγάπηη
    22 napja

    What is her job tho?

  61. Elif Ibrahim
    Elif Ibrahim
    22 napja

    Emma is a queen

  62. Elif Ibrahim
    Elif Ibrahim
    22 napja

    No more forehead kisses?

  63. Heaven Suavee
    Heaven Suavee
    23 napja

    BRO ABOUT THE MOVIES SAAAAAAAMMMMEEEEEEE so I just watch stuff I already know. And that’s why I don’t like trying for new foods at restaurants 😭

  64. AlrightOkayy
    23 napja

    This made me realize that I love her new editing style... It's so much better than the old one

  65. Anettes
    23 napja

    omg i miss it so bad

  66. Alika Mare
    Alika Mare
    23 napja

    You burping is actually why I signed up, guess what bestie? I'm gluten intolerant and I fart and burp and I can't drink carbonated drinks and you make me feel acceptable. I feel less alone 🍻

  67. Kate
    23 napja

    the reason why you burp drinking directly from the can is cause you are slurping air in at the same time and swallowing it. A straw would prevent air from being swallowed.

  68. Isabel
    24 napja

    hahaha the best video!!!

  69. maddytboss123
    24 napja

    You’re burping because you’re inhaling air while drinking straight out of the can, drinking it through the straw doesn’t allow air in

  70. coco cordova
    coco cordova
    24 napja

    But what are you wearing to the Met Gala....that’s the real question.

  71. Hype Hipnosis
    Hype Hipnosis
    24 napja

    dont get me wrong i love the new editing style. its artistic and calming, although, i miss the old editing style. it was much more fun and emma has not talked as much in the new ones which i also miss. these feel more close to us, but the new feels like we’re on the ouside again. if that makes any sense. i saw someone say the new style makes it feel like emmas the last person on earth, which for some reason gives me anxiety. just miss the old style. but i love the new as well.

    1. Rachel Hinton
      Rachel Hinton
      21 órája


  72. Disha
    24 napja

    yes emma it makes sense

  73. Sierra Pryor
    Sierra Pryor
    25 napja

    Tip for making parchment paper fit: crumple the parchment paper to make it more malleable.

  74. Jamari Armstead
    Jamari Armstead
    26 napja

    Emma is literally a whole mood!

  75. sthefany :)
    sthefany :)
    26 napja

    la idola de mi idola

  76. Cèlia Burrel Esteban
    Cèlia Burrel Esteban
    26 napja

    we need your recipes for the same three meals you eat, Emma

  77. akira
    26 napja

    re-watching bc i fucking miss forehead kisses :(

    1. izzy napier
      izzy napier
      21 napja

      ayo me too

  78. Sophie Mei
    Sophie Mei
    26 napja


  79. Jeff 1234
    Jeff 1234
    26 napja

    lowkey kinda knew she was gonna burp she does like aot ahahah

  80. Khadiza akter Popy
    Khadiza akter Popy
    26 napja

    The last old video editing style😢... New one is nice but missing this one...

    1. Hype Hipnosis
      Hype Hipnosis
      24 napja


  81. jeNOJAEMin
    27 napja

    so glad for your success !

  82. jeNOJAEMin
    27 napja

    12:46 so cuteeeeee :(

  83. Bob Yeah
    Bob Yeah
    27 napja

    emma the reason why u burp from the can and not straw is bc burps come from swallowing bubbles. with a straw, u get no bubbles, dont swallow any, and dont burp. w a can, u get the bubbles lol

  84. samara murray
    samara murray
    27 napja

    the last forehead kiss 😞

  85. Carolina Mariscal
    Carolina Mariscal
    27 napja


  86. Alexander Hostetler
    Alexander Hostetler
    27 napja

    9:06 "Fun" fact, eating raw dough isnt just bad for you because of raw eggs (the chance of getting salmonella is pretty low), but rather also because uncooked wheat can also be contaminated with all sorts of bacteria...

  87. toxic tonya
    toxic tonya
    27 napja

    3:30 girl that’s called safe foods

  88. khai
    28 napja

    i like how she didn’t knead the bread and put it straight on the pan lol

  89. theo
    28 napja

    11:15 who else tried to smell it

  90. donald trump saggy titties
    donald trump saggy titties
    28 napja

    ive literally rewatched this like 5 times already only for the forehead kiss 🧎

    1. Averi Legacy
      Averi Legacy
      4 napja

      watchgirls18. com You’re literally my only friend

  91. Tea -series
    Tea -series
    28 napja

    when you drink out of a can, you’re letting air into your throat along with the drink, where as with a straw it is only liquid so there isn’t any air to let out. you’re burping air

    1. Jada Corinne
      Jada Corinne
      4 napja

      watchgirls18. com When she mentioned the whole “afraid of hating it.” And wasting time… I felt that too close to home :’)

  92. SAVY XO
    29 napja

    that outro i think i watched ten times literally the funniest shit ever lmfaoooo

  93. Melissa Christner
    Melissa Christner
    29 napja

    im not a scientist but im pretty sure its because you swallow more air when you drink out of a can

  94. Katie Beattie
    Katie Beattie
    29 napja

    cooking with emma

  95. Aftron_ Fusion
    Aftron_ Fusion
    29 napja

    just a psa from a chef- (for the peanut butter)get raw peanuts and roast them!! when you roast the peanuts fresh the oils kinda come out and you only need to add sugar or vanilla for taste!!:) also adding cornstarch to the jelly will help it come together better

  96. Alex Z
    Alex Z
    29 napja

    Don’t shut up Emma!!❤️

  97. Lena Hübner
    Lena Hübner
    29 napja

    this is my new ultimate comfort video lmao

  98. Amanda King
    Amanda King
    29 napja

    Wait what’s the bread recipe???🤤

  99. Preslee Carson
    Preslee Carson
    29 napja

    10 out of 10 best and beautiful queen ever I love so much 🥰🥰🥰

  100. Mkb
    29 napja

    miss gurl where is that shirt from?? I need it asap