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  1. Zineb Sahnoun
    Zineb Sahnoun
    7 órája

    Who the fu*k put this 👎 under her videos !???

  2. luvvmesumfeces
    7 órája

    The peeling the cheese off the pizza, is so accurate. I still do it..

  3. R0z4nelle.
    21 órája

    Please lemme be ur roommate, I'm gonna be the happiest person ever Like I feel like u r my bff

  4. briar lydia
    briar lydia


  5. Steph V
    Steph V
    2 napja

    The way Declan’s gaze followed the leopard sweater 😂

  6. Lina Dahmani
    Lina Dahmani
    2 napja

    I love you

  7. Mal M.
    Mal M.
    3 napja

    In Germany mustard and potatoes are quite normal ahaha

  8. Sorry Captain
    Sorry Captain
    3 napja


  9. Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    Learn with Ramzy - تعلم مع رمزى
    4 napja


  10. Coffee is a Must
    Coffee is a Must
    4 napja


  11. Deanna Cabassa
    Deanna Cabassa
    4 napja

    Pause at 0:00 😂😂😂

  12. Camille O’Dwyer
    Camille O’Dwyer
    4 napja

    Is ur grass fake

  13. Ella Benson
    Ella Benson
    5 napja

    Emma makes my days 100% better by far on all platforms

  14. Maira Mendez
    Maira Mendez
    5 napja

    We have the same personality!!!

  15. Carole Loomis
    Carole Loomis
    5 napja

    In Naples, where pizza was born, pizza without cheese is a staple - but arguably the tomatoes and crust are PFG!

  16. Vivekaditya Sharma
    Vivekaditya Sharma
    5 napja

    I first got to know about Emma from the met gala interviews.....and now I am in love with her😬

  17. BrunetteBabe
    6 napja

    😂😂🤣 13:30 Anyone saw that poor cat?!? 😂

  18. Mary Florence Imingan
    Mary Florence Imingan
    6 napja

    You kinda look like Timothee Chalamet

  19. Sillver
    6 napja

    is she drinking 64 ounces of coffee?

  20. Chani Chann
    Chani Chann
    7 napja

    I can't explain how she makes me wanna be a better person but she does, it's fantastic

  21. Casey Ellis
    Casey Ellis
    8 napja

    I would absolutely buy your vegetarian cookbook.

  22. Casey Ellis
    Casey Ellis
    8 napja

    pretzels and yellow mustard is amazing

  23. Rein Saad
    Rein Saad
    11 napja

    she's my bestie I don't care what people say

  24. Bluey Parkinson
    Bluey Parkinson
    11 napja

    YESSSSS I GOT MY FOREHEAD KISS. I’ve been missing them for the past couple vids😭 also I swear I listen to emma more than my own mum

  25. Jill
    12 napja

    i do the pizza with no cheese because i hate cheese LOL

  26. Ilinca Ilie
    Ilinca Ilie
    12 napja

    i had fun today!

  27. Lorraine Heintz
    Lorraine Heintz
    12 napja

    I literally ate pizza the exact same way as a kid lol

  28. Winter Bear
    Winter Bear
    12 napja

    i literally used to eat pizza the same way tho.....

  29. Maggie Piesz
    Maggie Piesz
    14 napja

    i love her so much

  30. M Hyjo
    M Hyjo
    14 napja

    my parmesan cheese is rotten HAHAH

  31. qurratul ayn
    qurratul ayn
    15 napja

    ok but doesnt anyone knows where did she get her fit from? tie dye sweats and pacific sunwear tee? pacsun?

    1. qurratul ayn
      qurratul ayn
      15 napja

      help me out guys!!

  32. Yelah
    15 napja

    I used to get a McDonald’s hamburger without the patty. It was literally just a bun with ketchup mustard diced onions and a pickle

    1. Yelah
      12 napja

      @XxYakumoxx Oh that’s nothing I also used to order a pizza without cheese and add black olives to it. I would then dip it in ketchup, sounds gross and looked even worse but it was actually pretty good

    2. XxYakumoxx
      12 napja

      WHAT EW😭😭😭😭💀

  33. Abigail Cozart
    Abigail Cozart
    15 napja

    i neeeeeed to know where your glasses are from and what the frame is called. i love them

  34. Carly Pomplun
    Carly Pomplun
    16 napja

    Declan getting caught under the shorts.... his face! Aww, baby. I died laughing at that as Emma continued her sponsor bit.

  35. Paige Turner
    Paige Turner
    18 napja

    I do the same Mason that cold coffee thing you do (except w 2 shots of instant espresso, cause I have no coffeemaker, lol), when it cools I pour over ice n fill w almond milk- which I mention because, as you switched (tho seemingly by choice) to non dairy creamer, I am literally RN making one (by necessity/not choice, lol) w rice milk for the first time. We'll see how it goes...😬

    1. Paige Turner
      Paige Turner
      18 napja

      End of vid is real talk... I'm transitioning into a total silent meditation thing rn, I fully "disconnect" from all media, electronics, and the outside world on Mon... I got off all socials yesterday, still allowing YT vids this wknd while im running errands and getting stuff done to prep for next wk (will do a full silent/no media, no communication disconnect M-F) I'm scared at tbh but I feel like I really need to do something drastic rn, I'm going thru some things.🤷‍♀️

    2. Paige Turner
      Paige Turner
      18 napja

      I use to peel off all the cheese (but eat it, just plain like that, lol), then eat the bread/sauce the way you did!!🍕

  36. StrifeXXII
    18 napja

    Love (Sweet Love) by Little Mix Music Video is OUT NOW! Check out the insane vocals.

  37. Tara Follett (STUDENT)
    Tara Follett (STUDENT)
    19 napja

    17:38 I needed to hear that

  38. armyblinkforever💖
    19 napja

    Yeah she is my favourite influencer or celeb

  39. 𝘿𝙪𝙡𝙖 𝙋𝙚𝙚𝙥
    𝘿𝙪𝙡𝙖 𝙋𝙚𝙚𝙥
    20 napja

    I watch Emma like I’m face timing my best friend

  40. Coco Bear
    Coco Bear
    20 napja

    Emma: talks about going to sleep at 9pm Me watching at 2am: 👀

  41. Emma Roy
    Emma Roy
    20 napja

    I used to peel toppings off my pizza and eat them separately too lmfaooo

  42. J Mac
    J Mac
    20 napja

    Well let me blow your mind I order my pizza with no cheese and light sauce just bread and a smear of sauce 😂🤣

  43. māhe’alani cachero
    māhe’alani cachero
    21 napja

    “eventually you’ll figure it out’’ LMAO

  44. athena🍒
    21 napja

    your nails looo so good what colour is that like the exact red what is it called

  45. Vanessa Ringuette
    Vanessa Ringuette
    21 napja

    Emma I'm crying my subway order used to be black olives and cucumbers until I got a bit older and added cheese onto it

  46. scree mcscree
    scree mcscree
    22 napja

    “if they ever say to you ‘emma -‘ they wouldn’t say emma your name isn’t emma” me, someone named emma: ._.

  47. jess
    22 napja

    i work at subway and thats my favorite sandwich to make super easy

  48. Sarah From
    Sarah From
    22 napja

    your intro-music give me Spongesbob vibes

  49. Aaron Gonzales
    Aaron Gonzales
    23 napja

    hannah~meloche laughs

  50. Aaron Gonzales
    Aaron Gonzales
    23 napja

    Laughs fellow~tomes!

  51. Myeah Malalis
    Myeah Malalis
    24 napja

    But I love mustard with fries 🥲

  52. billabayy
    24 napja

    pretty please: next time add the tempeh bacon to the sammy

  53. Khaya
    24 napja

    im re-watching her old videos cuz i miss the forhead kisses~

  54. Emma Mathea Kulmala
    Emma Mathea Kulmala
    24 napja

    «Your name is not Emma» but mine actually is lol

  55. kay boo
    kay boo
    25 napja

    who has the audacity to unlike this video? HOW DARE YOU.

  56. Lava Dad
    Lava Dad
    25 napja

    I feel like every kid had a weird subway order. Mine was: buffalo chicken, olives, swiss OR pepper Jack cheese, flat bread UNCOOKED, I liked it doughy. 10/10 havent been to subway in a decade but would eat again

  57. G L
    G L
    26 napja

    pls wash ur produce ://///

  58. ria dsouza
    ria dsouza
    26 napja


  59. Eleven
    26 napja

    why, there's nothing wrong with eating french fries and mustard lmaooo at least in France it's very common

  60. kuromi's bitch
    kuromi's bitch
    27 napja

    declan snuggling up to you @ 12:28 is the cutest thing ever i- ;-;

  61. juanita burto
    juanita burto
    27 napja

    HAHAHHA i did the same thing with my pizza as a kid lmao

  62. juanita burto
    juanita burto
    27 napja

    u should make tea merch!!

  63. juanita burto
    juanita burto
    27 napja


  64. princessaurora
    27 napja

    I only like Emma because she's rich 😂🤑 me currently with Android emojis

  65. Alexia King
    Alexia King
    28 napja

    No bc Burger King fries are the literal best

  66. Jocelyn Mami
    Jocelyn Mami
    28 napja

    her cat is me falling asleep on her 🥰😂

  67. georgie georgie georgie
    georgie georgie georgie
    29 napja


  68. emily

    why is her childhood fave foods so strong and weird ahshsj like i can't believe a kid who would love peppers mustard olives ... i mean it's cool but very unusual imo

  69. Roos Anne
    Roos Anne

    The amount of coffee 🥲

  70. Ivy X
    Ivy X

    I still do the pizza thing 💀

  71. JaycieMari

    My subway go-to order was always Bacon, pepperoni, bell peppers, American cheese, and mayonnaise. I use to get smoked Gouda spread instead of Mayo, but they discontinued the Gouda spread ): THATS FUCKING WEIRD and everyone told me it was but. Shit smacked so.

  72. phia

    "eventually you'll figure it out" LMAO that was so cute

  73. Payton Davis
    Payton Davis

    My brother's subway order was tuna, bacon, raw onions, and green bell peppers on Italian bread

  74. Stella Ann
    Stella Ann

    8:08 you’re fine, used to do that… and sometimes still do 🤠🤚

  75. Yaseminx x
    Yaseminx x

    In Australia Burger King is called hungry jacks

  76. Grace Howard
    Grace Howard


  77. Hadasah Steele
    Hadasah Steele

    I used to eat the exact same stuff except on the sandwich it was cheese, lettuce and tomatoes instead of cheese, olives, and peppers 😭

  78. The sunshine girls
    The sunshine girls

    Me thinking she forgot the forehead kiss...... a second later you think I forgot oh hell no

  79. Meg orchard
    Meg orchard

    *says in video on social media about getting off social media*

  80. Quinn A
    Quinn A

    who the f says tummy?... 30 min on my stummy

  81. מוריה ברוש
    מוריה ברוש

    She’s literally famous because so many people love her personality that a fucking huge compliment

  82. Ellie Hutchings
    Ellie Hutchings

    i fucking loved this video

  83. Ellie Hutchings
    Ellie Hutchings

    please cook more and drop the recipes. THE VEGANS ARE HERE FOR IT

  84. victoria savicka
    victoria savicka

    i have the same phone case lol

  85. kpopcoffeebeans

    My pizza order that I still eat to this day: - thin crust - marinara sauce - no cheese - banana peppers - green peppers

  86. Claire Bee
    Claire Bee

    Wait, you didn’t get all of the avocado out of that half. I hope you compost hehe

  87. eva

    i......................... i............. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ....... did not have fun with you ......... /j

  88. amohamoud

    tryna fill the void bc she’s taking a break

  89. sharon chizik
    sharon chizik

    Sis i still eat pizza with no cheese, and i also get 3 things on my subway orderrrrr. I get lettuce , olives & chicken breast heheh

  90. Mandy Brochtrup
    Mandy Brochtrup

    I thought there is a video of you trying all the weird foods u use to eat?!?!? Or am I losing it. Lol 😆

  91. Ellie

    Can she just move to NY already she belongs there

  92. Meralda Younadam
    Meralda Younadam

    It’s so cool how we’re all just basically fting Emma when we watch her videos 🥰

  93. yunasgf

    no same i literally dont know how you ship and mail stuff LMAO

  94. Alina AZ
    Alina AZ

    7:45 - trying emma’s weird foods

  95. lil naomi
    lil naomi

    i love you

  96. Cassidy Toth
    Cassidy Toth

    I eat pizza the same way 😂😂

  97. Rory Delaney
    Rory Delaney

    can we j talk about how declan sat down at her side and was SO CUTE

  98. Emma Petersen
    Emma Petersen

    Please tell me I am not the only one who doesn't care if a tee shirt is in mens-

  99. Jasmine Magee
    Jasmine Magee

    ok but i still eat my pizza like that

  100. Jim's Weekly Wonders & WTF's
    Jim's Weekly Wonders & WTF's

    I have family in LA, but Emma is the only one I would actually go out there to hang out with. Freakin amazing.