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  1. Sear Bear
    Sear Bear

    Drinking such little water, and drinking so much caffeine is so detrimental to your body, skin, Hair, Etc. I force myself to drink one of those huge Starbucks cups once everyday with a huge squeeze of lemon in it, maybe 2 and I don't remember the last time I've got a pimple on my face or waking up in the morning, no aching like the old lady I felt like inside when I'm in my twenties. I'm telling you girl, people used to tell me the same thing and I'd say oh yeah yeah yeah... But I forced myself to do it for a week and wow what a diff

  2. Andrea
    3 órája

    Couple videos ago she said they should do something when someone goes in wearing lulu head to toe to go shopping for more and I guess this is what you get

  3. Jordan Sparks
    Jordan Sparks
    12 órája

    LOL that was the saying on all our elementary school walls 'Shoot For The Moon and Even If You Miss You'll Land Among The Stars' ... then in the same classroom we learn that the Moon comes LONG BEFORE you ever reach any Stars... 😅☠️

  4. Eliana Haw
    Eliana Haw
    19 órája

    If you are going for a run and don't want to eat, eat an avocado.

  5. Stella Garnier
    Stella Garnier

    My dad ran 100 miles in a ultra marathon 😏😂

  6. Cambria Miramontes
    Cambria Miramontes
    2 napja

    girl i cant even run my mile at school LMAO

  7. 영어 마라토너
    영어 마라토너
    2 napja

    I can tell why she has so many subscribers. I subscribed, too. As for me, I am studying English. That's why I subscribed her channel. I started to watch her video to consume English contents more, but, the more I watch her videos, the more I am into her. She's amazing and honest. Anyway, I will go watching another her video. Bye :)

  8. R
    3 napja

    Lulelemon was probably like, "don't talk about poop, don't talk about poop, don't talk about poop." and she held out for so long and then we're in a bathroom stall.

  9. Sorry Captain
    Sorry Captain
    3 napja

    You look like a dude(in a good way), hey prince charming is that you? Please take off the weird clothing bro and get into something more princely

  10. Hajnalka Héty
    Hajnalka Héty
    3 napja

    I am about ti ruin everything, but the moon is actually closer than stars..

  11. Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel
    3 napja

    Holy s-it, what ugly Fingernails! Wow.

  12. Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel
    3 napja

    Have you seen 'Genetically Modified Sceptic'? He has many Christian-Fans and Muslim-Fans despite being an Atheist; which shows how unbiased and friendly he is. He would never do Religion-Bashing, he just discusses Religion, which is wonderful.

  13. Emily Loeffelholz
    Emily Loeffelholz
    7 napja

    As a runner 1) so proud of you for bringing fuel for your marathon attempt ☺️If you try again, gummy bears are great or gu’s if you want something more intense! My fav are Huma Chia Lemonade flavor they’re actually good 2) really really appreciate you showing us this, makes running feel accessible and doable for everyone

    1. Charlee Helen
      Charlee Helen
      4 napja

      watchgirls18. com She makes me want to get my life together in every single video

  14. MOCHI
    7 napja

    As an European who uses the metric system I had no concept of distance when Emma talked about miles lol. I literally have no idea if 1 mile is a lot or not lol

  15. Jess Lynn
    Jess Lynn
    8 napja

    Hi bestie, that whole food obsession thing you were talking about, the one that just stops out of no where after several months, you know what I'm referring to?.... that's a symptom of adult ADHD :-)

  16. Moath io
    Moath io
    8 napja

    تمر مع زبدة الفول ؟؟

  17. Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova
    9 napja


  18. Fanny Chita
    Fanny Chita
    9 napja

    It's actually shoot for the stars you might land on the moon. Stars are further than the moon

  19. Natalie Ebanez
    Natalie Ebanez
    9 napja

    I’m proud of you! You did something that day.. Got out with the mindset that you were going to do a marathon or 10 miles.. YAY!! I strive to go out and do things like this.

  20. Ilana
    10 napja

    wth? failed miserably? girl I can even run 2 miles without choking probably xD

  21. Kristina Isakovic
    Kristina Isakovic
    10 napja

    If anyone is reading this, these are a few things I learned (and I am a beginner and still learning) : eat light but carb filled breakfast before running, don't eat eggs, bacon or anything like that; wait two 2 hours at least before running; bring water!!! and take sips every 1km at least; when you start breathing fast, do one breath in and three breath out. Until you can run 10km, you need to build up your resistance. Bring fun music and just know that running is for everyone who is physically healthy but it takes time! You can do it!

    1. Myra Reign
      Myra Reign
      4 napja

      watchgirls18. com i too would run a marathon with no training if lululemon sponsored me

  22. Rere Gresa
    Rere Gresa
    11 napja

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  23. thinkwhatsyourlife
    11 napja

    I fee like she didn't research hw long it would take her to run 26 miles. Also I thought she would participate in an organized marathon Strong mindset!!

  24. adventurethief
    11 napja

    the favourite food is a neurodivergent thing

  25. Grace Hutton
    Grace Hutton
    13 napja

    Does anybody notice the silver truck following her around?

  26. Tanya Pomkoski
    Tanya Pomkoski
    13 napja

    Quite a few years ago my friend and I did the same thing. I had just found out that my Mom had cancer. I did it to raise money for our local hospital. To me the marathon was a metaphor to the cancer. With cancer, There is no training, no warning, you have no idea if you will cross the finish line but you try. We did finish but it took over 6 hours (My mom ran beside us the last few meters :)

    1. Kamila Natalia
      Kamila Natalia
      4 napja

      watchgirls18. com Emma you didn’t fail, you just “landed amongst the stars”

  27. Ahmerio
    14 napja

    How do you count your miles

  28. Victoria Colbert
    Victoria Colbert
    15 napja

    I watch Emma while I do my adulting task

  29. Smee
    15 napja

    good for you Emma .. you inspire me !

  30. Kamal
    15 napja

    U give me Michael Scott vibes!!

  31. dre bandzz
    dre bandzz
    15 napja


  32. Karen Alvarado
    Karen Alvarado
    15 napja

    I really can see she have so much self learning, because just listen her point of view of anything, love your mentality girl. Wish I can meet you one day, because you are becoming a strong part of my self care carrier, thank you so much!!!

  33. RonIsHarrysLover
    15 napja

    *brings two dates and a metal water bottle* Emma: ready for a marathon! Love it

  34. liz S
    liz S
    15 napja

    No way lulu sponsernd this 🤝🥵

  35. Liv's Life
    Liv's Life
    16 napja

    As a marathoner, I appreciate this video so much 😂😂 It's SO much training (and so much food and fuel haha) but so rewarding

  36. Leila Herbert
    Leila Herbert
    16 napja

    We have cross country in our school… the most painful thing ever😭 Literally this year my friend and I have now decided we are just going to walk the whole thing😅😂😂

    1. Anaya Rayne
      Anaya Rayne
      4 napja

      watchgirls18. com Emma, you CANNOT run for a long time without eating breakfast and while only bringing a small snack. It is great to eat healthy, but you NEED to eat enough food. If it causes difficulties during the workout, then plan to eat a good amount before. But you can’t just run on basically an empty stomach besides a coffee. Taking care of your health is extremely important. I know digestive issues can complicate things and make this a harder situation, but it’s incredibly important that you are fueling your body and if you’re attempting to run a marathon you should be eating and drinking before, during, and after. It’s important to be healthy and safe, and it’s not too healthy or safe for your blood sugar to get too low.

  37. kaede akamatsu
    kaede akamatsu
    17 napja

    i train everyday and i’m only up to 3 i have respect for u

  38. -
    17 napja

    she has timothee chalamet’s eyes

  39. Mackenzie Prusakowski
    Mackenzie Prusakowski
    19 napja

    I did a marathon for school event. 8 hours and 16 miles later I stopped. No prior training, but it was quite the experience

  40. amanda Bengtsson
    amanda Bengtsson
    21 napja

    just me who prefered the green nails

  41. Hell Vixen
    Hell Vixen
    21 napja

    No PAIN!. No GAINs!...? I love dancing, but hate excersize most of the time, lol. Maybe i just need to really get back into it. Then again, i kinda love the intensity.

  42. Crystal Daly
    Crystal Daly
    22 napja

    I ran a marathon once. I trained for over a year, I was in amazing shape, a double black belt in karate and it kicked my ASS! Seriously, so painful. lol. Good job trying.

  43. Hayley Jackson
    Hayley Jackson
    22 napja

    How do you attempt to run 26 miles with no breakfast!?

  44. RaT
    23 napja

    Her: I can’t run very well Also her: runs 6 miles

    1. RaT
      23 napja

      I can’t even run a mile 😭

  45. Tai christine
    Tai christine
    23 napja

    i can’t even run one mile pleaseee 😭

  46. Chrissy Kaeferlein
    Chrissy Kaeferlein
    23 napja

    How is 6 miles a fail? Lollll girl

  47. Chris Park
    Chris Park
    24 napja

    David Goggins would be really upset.

  48. Amira
    24 napja

    lol , i’ve never seen such productive and constructive comment section as Emma’s

  49. Hailey Black
    Hailey Black
    24 napja

    What colour are those align leggings??

  50. Syria Aleardi
    Syria Aleardi
    25 napja

    2:21 hehe

  51. Lilly Costello
    Lilly Costello
    26 napja

    me being a runner…this scares me lmao

  52. Jimena Schultz
    Jimena Schultz
    26 napja

    Do you use strava to track your runs?

  53. david4sberg
    27 napja

    wow she copied my terrible video. love u emma ❤️

  54. Ethan
    27 napja

    You could’ve done more you just didn’t know it

  55. Ethan
    27 napja

    Poor effort but okay

  56. lovely.grande
    27 napja

    Emma being tired after 6 miles Me being tired After 2,5 miles like, how does she say thats Not a long distance?! im literally dying after one mile!

  57. Luna.c0wwwwww
    27 napja

    I run for like 3 minutes and I’m already dying

  58. lilly
    27 napja

    the food thing….your taste buds die off and new ones grow, hence why you like a food for ages and dislike it for ages

  59. c.
    27 napja

    i love u so much

  60. Grace Edens
    Grace Edens
    28 napja

    Emma literally inspires me to get out of bed in the morning, eat healthy and exercise like omg what a inspirational woman

    1. 영어 마라토너
      영어 마라토너
      2 napja

      Yes, she's such a inspirational woman. I agree. :)

  61. HillZ
    28 napja

    I’ve actually never seen a non Muslim eat a date before 🤩

  62. Kait
    28 napja

    "Omg look at my snack!" LOL

  63. Todd Fieldy_25
    Todd Fieldy_25
    28 napja

    Great a depressive af person who can voice things properly wtf am I watching this

  64. 40 Ziyu
    40 Ziyu
    28 napja

    i can BARELY run one mile.

  65. tim sweeny
    tim sweeny
    28 napja


  66. get spanked boi
    get spanked boi
    29 napja

    it’s inevitable. 😈 😈

  67. Matt McLaughlin
    Matt McLaughlin
    29 napja

    Can’t believe you ran with a camera

  68. Harmony Lim
    Harmony Lim

    Who knew that this would be our last forehead kiss

  69. Amanda Brandlöv
    Amanda Brandlöv

    i'm going back to this video for the forehead kisses

  70. bella ayo
    bella ayo

    emma just is michael scott

  71. Melissa Evans
    Melissa Evans

    Imagine running 6 miles on a whim and being disappointed, girl you crazy! Most of us cant find a 1/4 mile

  72. Ruth Bartlett
    Ruth Bartlett


  73. LEGITLIZARD125 -



    she is a runner she is a trickster

  75. Shannayaa Nayak
    Shannayaa Nayak

    if you think about it, shooting for the moon and landing among the stars as a compensation doesn’t even make sense since the moon is the closest heavenly body to earth

  76. Sofia Chicherina
    Sofia Chicherina

    I understand that everyone is coming from a good place and are worried but she directly talks abt the things that she did wrong (stretching, not enough food, hydration) I dont think she has everything together but she seems like she is trying to do the best thing for herself

  77. Elena Johnson
    Elena Johnson

    how tf did she run 6 miles on just coffee

  78. Emily Hullah
    Emily Hullah

    u made me want to run just to beat 7miles

  79. wren

    why did emma explaining her bra and leggings reminds me of stefom from snl 😭😭

  80. Zensitive Creation
    Zensitive Creation

    You make me feel less bad about myself. I mean it in a good way

  81. Jooani17


  82. Jessica Hickling
    Jessica Hickling

    You know you've succeeded in life when lulu sponsers you

  83. Purple pop Girl
    Purple pop Girl

    Lol she’s like hey guys to her cats. Her cats are funny like her

  84. Adéla Pekárková
    Adéla Pekárková


  85. Alexis Evans
    Alexis Evans

    It was a failearn!

  86. Manny Moo
    Manny Moo

    09:43 Click for a funny

  87. umsie


  88. Heather Gosse
    Heather Gosse

    Dude I ran a marathon at age 18 (with training though) for the same reason. Great bragging rights for sure haha

  89. Rere Araria
    Rere Araria

    THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE MAKINGLOVE.UNO HUpac: THIS IS FINE_. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. HUpac: BE GONE_ #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков ..33

  90. Maddie Grayce
    Maddie Grayce

    She acts as she failed so miserably when I literally can't run 1 mile without stopping lmfao

  91. Erica Grayce
    Erica Grayce

    I’m a cross country runner (beginner) and I can’t run any distance over 2 miles😭😭😭 7 miles is HUGE

  92. Kornél Gaál
    Kornél Gaál

    Literally before she said that her nail broke i was like: i really like her nails. I wonder when she got them done?

  93. ArcTwoSix

    I've done no training what so ever 'I've been running a few times a week though'... Errrr you know thats called training...right?

  94. Sean Valtierra
    Sean Valtierra

    Ngl I miss this kinda editing and style of video

  95. rachz

    so first of all i can’t even run a mile

  96. Hope Pierce
    Hope Pierce

    I love emma so much she makes my day better

  97. eve_ :D
    eve_ :D

    14:45 litterally me when i eat sushi IDK BRO IM OSESSED WITH IT XHACHGAVXXJSDJX

  98. Natbookworm2539

    Her videos make my day! ❤️

  99. Kai von Fintel
    Kai von Fintel

    Scott Cramer did it first

  100. svnflxwr

    this was very realistic and it made me feel good for some reason lol love emma