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  1. Alicia Cole
    Alicia Cole
    21 órája

    This makes me so happy

  2. Parshvi Garg
    Parshvi Garg
    21 órája

    Imagine emma watching it now

  3. Max Siegel
    Max Siegel
    21 órája

    why the fuck does this monologue have 3.5 mil views

  4. Freda Helena
    Freda Helena
    21 órája

    She looks like a model 💖😍💕 I hope she’s happy tho

  5. Destiny Webb
    Destiny Webb
    21 órája

    this is absolutely crazy! I have goosebumps

  6. 𝙎𝙮𝙡𝙫𝙞𝙚'𝙨 𝙗𝙡𝙖𝙙𝙚
    𝙎𝙮𝙡𝙫𝙞𝙚'𝙨 𝙗𝙡𝙖𝙙𝙚
    21 órája

    Just from that little snippet in the intro Emma's really good at the drums

  7. niharika
    21 órája

    omg i realised she’s michael scott

  8. 링Ling Seoul xoxo
    링Ling Seoul xoxo
    21 órája

    I know her mom and dad have to feel proud of her everyday. 😢😍 beautiful

  9. sansa
    21 órája

    You can see her ED is getting bad

  10. Ruben Romero
    Ruben Romero
    21 órája

    You are so beautiful, so authentic, so humble and simple, everything fits perfectly around you, the world should have more girls like you, kisses greetings from a small country in Central America called Honduras.

  11. rheasito
    22 órája


  12. Grace Kells
    Grace Kells
    22 órája

    I cannot wait for Emma’s 21st birthday video 🎉🎉

  13. Gianna Cameron
    Gianna Cameron
    22 órája

    "Im a new advocate of reading". Welcome Emma, welcome to our side😌🤚

  14. Louie Luigi
    Louie Luigi
    22 órája

    Moriah Elizabeth is flame hupac.info/stream/d9G5yYKFbGu8mKk/vide.html

  15. T T A
    T T A
    22 órája

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know who she is???

  16. Rachel Hinton
    Rachel Hinton
    22 órája


  17. tiva perez
    tiva perez
    22 órája

    so proud bae

  18. khila juvena
    khila juvena
    22 órája

    u literally did a great job emma

  19. Emily Wiehe
    Emily Wiehe
    22 órája

    Who else can see emma, benoftheweek and nailea devora being BFFs

  20. Peter Batman
    Peter Batman
    22 órája

    This video creeped me out deep inside all I could hear. Was Rorschach's joke in Watchmen. “Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. Says, "But doctor...I am Pagliacci.”

  21. Eleanor Hobson
    Eleanor Hobson
    22 órája

    Emma needs to live to new York tho. Every time she goes she’s so much happier and she enjoys herself soooo much. And it’s not far from LA. DO IT EMMA ‼️

  22. Syd Stensgard
    Syd Stensgard
    22 órája

    So gorgeous. Wow. I can’t believe we’ve all watched you evolve into a beautiful butterfly. Fuck yeah bitch

  23. Anggun Nilam Cahya
    Anggun Nilam Cahya
    22 órája

    idk i feel, really proud of here. she deserves it. :(

  24. Ana R Betancourt
    Ana R Betancourt
    22 órája

    Vergaçao emma te amo.

  25. Savannah Hendrickse
    Savannah Hendrickse
    22 órája

    I love how we all cried at some point during this video :,) we love and support you Emma!

  26. steph finnegan
    steph finnegan
    22 órája

    her position sitting in the bathroom talking to the camera is giving me a neck cramp

  27. Paloma Chaires
    Paloma Chaires
    22 órája

    Emmaaaaaaaaaaa i really love you 💛 you always make my day so much better

  28. Velosinthe
    22 órája

    I cried so much! You are such an amazing person and you deserve every second of this and more! Congratulations Emma!!!

  29. Miranda Robles
    Miranda Robles
    22 órája

    I literally paused the video during the little montage and was like holy shit I use to watch this girl’s videos when she was in her room, at her parents house with her cute cat. Bamboozled my own mind and I’m like she’s gone soooo far in such a short amount of time. Respect 👏🏻

  30. Louie Gonzales Bulic
    Louie Gonzales Bulic
    23 órája

    Congrats emma :)

  31. serena assaf
    serena assaf
    23 órája

    im in loveee with the eye shadow

  32. Ailanne Regalado
    Ailanne Regalado
    23 órája

    Idk why her new blogs make me feel like I’m watching napoleon dynamite

  33. Jocelyn Hewitt
    Jocelyn Hewitt
    23 órája

    so proud of you emma<3

  34. Dominic Mateus
    Dominic Mateus
    23 órája

    why did i cry and then die of laughter at the end LOL

  35. cecesoclean
    23 órája

    ah ok so this is why ppl watch her videos

  36. Fang Ying
    Fang Ying
    23 órája

    I’m so proud of you Emma❤️

  37. M1Lk Te4
    M1Lk Te4
    23 órája

    2:42 my new lock screen, Emma and her strawberries

  38. anton
    23 órája

    Bottle of kwv roodeberg for breakfast today...popping the cork now...(bottle no 2) .😍... hupac.info/stream/mtTHpoh7rYLXatM/vide.html. so lonely, the bottle of red that is, and #metoo. Remind me to buy some more. Going out for lunch...they hide the whisky when i come over. Got to fix the lag. F*+=ing screw part, of the corkscrew, broke off in the cork, before i pulled it. Sh! T. Unexpected delay in my drinking... 🤔. Never happened to me before... Now? Parched!!!!! can't think.. First idea....two screws in one cork...i have another corkscrew. If i were a betting man, I'd bet...most likely will work... Otherwise get a knife and cut out the cork...a few pieces of cork in the wine not so bad. On the clock... lunchtime at 1pm...gotta look respectful...stupid social norms. Voila! Hundreds....sweetest pop! Breathe 2 minutes....then.. oh dear lord have mercy...hupac.info/stream/bJjewnuAZoDJcrk/vide.html hupac.info/stream/gJWvl256bWncctM/vide.html This maturity by Madonna kept me cool...hupac.info/stream/lqa1vYh5rLGYfK0/vide.html hupac.info/stream/lqa1vYh5rLGYfK0/vide.html Hungry like the wolf i am...hupac.info/stream/pK-wkKR6r3y-oK0/vide.html This song made me wait for my first...madonna my shining star... hupac.info/stream/qMTD1ZCWjIOXaZQ/vide.html Madonna, my lady...of mature brilliance...in my wilderness....always. This.....hupac.info/stream/nNebtZqjqY61i6k/vide.html held my head together... When so hungry i could....fknows. Madonna bottles me....and keeps me steady, when im too headstrong... So f-_) ing hungry. Thanks madonna...my lady..my lady giant...of maturity. p.s. madonna, i saw the cat nudes....😍💔😳....way back then...you my rock....the anchor shoot...i almost committed a sin... A bad one...go figure ladies..can't find it..couldn't afford to buy the collection of photos in the store at the time....so magnificent...still looking for you on the anchor...want the picture...bad...can't order that online...no f%ing way. Ladies, im Mr s3xy mature...worked hard to be that....hupac.info/stream/obvMrZd4bY-7oMc/vide.html I need to be handled.. 🙄...im too headstrong... always was. Ps2... hupac.info/stream/eMnZpGiLioPUqNs/vide.html So happy when i saw this... hupac.info/stream/mNHbr4OBZ3Carpg/vide.html M... I'm A... To your m...to the rest... Maybe you emma... 💔...today im slayer....you benched s3xy m...til im sober....you killing me...you lagging. 🙏

  39. Steril&Feral
    23 órája

    Your attitude ROCKS! You look absolutely AMAZING in that dress, and you looked like you had a lotta fun. I LOVE YOU EMMA!! I want to marry you and be your organizer.

  40. Lena Lombardi
    Lena Lombardi
    23 órája

    I just cried watching this. So proud of you.

  41. Eduardo Cavazos
    Eduardo Cavazos
    23 órája

    im so proud of you

  42. Aaron
    23 órája

    *Hey, to you reading* ... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  43. HiImSPEEDY!!!
    23 órája


  44. Trey Trey
    Trey Trey
    23 órája

    The most beautiful woman in the world 🥺

  45. Shorts
    23 órája


  46. Hean Leaksmy
    Hean Leaksmy
    23 órája

    when you being rich and whenever you want to travel and just go:)

  47. sarah danelia
    sarah danelia
    23 órája

    i love u so much

  48. anton
    23 órája

    Artichokes are kickass.

  49. SayU SayMee
    SayU SayMee
    23 órája

    She looks like a younger, skinnier *Christine Snaps* from TikTok - it's the eyes.

  50. Harold, 4th of his name.
    Harold, 4th of his name.
    23 órája

    #1 cringe compilation 2021

  51. Rom3
    23 órája

    Do you like iced mocca latte?

  52. Danisaur Taylor
    Danisaur Taylor
    23 órája

    Love role models music

  53. Danisaur Taylor
    Danisaur Taylor
    23 órája

    Ive never seen someone quite like youuuuuu

  54. Pame
    23 órája

    you really deserved it! i felt happy for you

  55. Sierra Johnson
    Sierra Johnson
    23 órája

    Your videos have changed my life. I know I've never met you and probably will never meet you, but I just want you to know you have helped me overcome so much pain in such a short time with your videos and podcasts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  56. Bek W
    Bek W
    23 órája

    I know how hard ED’s are - hope you’re doing okay x

  57. Tanea & Terracotta
    Tanea & Terracotta

    Im not crying...nope. YOU'RE CRYING!!!!!......WE"RE ALL BALLING BEHIND OUR SCREENS!!! lol. Emma - amazing. that's all.

  58. Marcos Mackey-Darden
    Marcos Mackey-Darden

    Did I get emotional watching this bc I’m so proud of how far shes come? Yes. Yes I have.

  59. Valentina Yero
    Valentina Yero

    i’m in tears cause i’m so proud of seeing how far she’s come :’)

  60. Kiara O'Rourke
    Kiara O'Rourke

    I was not expecting to cry in this video but coming from the Emma we first came to love to this really makes you proud 😢

  61. Joi James
    Joi James

    hoping you washed your fruit first 🍓

  62. Szonja Bokor
    Szonja Bokor

    idk about yall but i miss emma's forehead kisses

  63. Regin Smiður
    Regin Smiður

    The algorithm sent me here

  64. Douglas Volinsky
    Douglas Volinsky

    ack-oh-laid.. how do you spell it. that is the phonetic version

  65. Douglas Volinsky
    Douglas Volinsky

    accolade... whoomp there it is

  66. Nova


  67. Cherry

    This is the Emma I was rooting for the whole time ❤️

  68. Ana Rodriguez
    Ana Rodriguez

    I got literal chills, so proud of u Emma!

  69. Elias

    U deserve it🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  70. Mega Man
    Mega Man

    Ive been staring at her nails in every celeb video

  71. heyimtiara

    Megan 😍

  72. Heather bowman
    Heather bowman

    Emma your the main character

  73. Joanna Guilbert
    Joanna Guilbert

    that lil green thing was a crabapple lol not a plumb

  74. bye

    u look so happy emma i love you <3

  75. Tomas Guihurt Hoses
    Tomas Guihurt Hoses

    what a wonderful video. So real

  76. Andria R
    Andria R

    “i’ve never been to miami”😂

  77. Annie Isaman
    Annie Isaman

    this is insane i remember watching your school vlogs i am so proud of you I’M TEARING UP

  78. Mary K
    Mary K

    Well, if the first five minutes of your video is a compilation of farts, burps and talk about bowel movements, is it such a big surprise, that people make some subconscious assumptions?